Indoor Projects

Master Bedroom Accent Lighting

This subtle, yet impressive effect was achieved by using the Classic White LED Strip Light.
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Living Room Accent Lighting

Highlighting the beautiful brick and custom cabinet craftsmanship of this bookshelf project...
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Kids Bedroom Lighting

Using Haven Home Lighting Full Color LED Spot Strips, we were able put a unique spin on a child’s “nightlight.”
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Above Cabinet Lighting

Haven Home Lighting creates a stunning look in this kitchen with above counter full color accent lights.
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Bathroom Kick Lighting

This bathroom accent lighting is both elegant and practical. The Classic White Accent Lights...
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Laundry Room Kick Lighting

The kick lighting of this laundry room makes for a soft, serene and an unlikely refuge.
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Cabinet Kick Lighting

Kick lighting is an easy, versatile and unexpected way to add light source to any room.
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Under Cabinet Lighting

Our clients were seeking a lighting source that would provide optimum task lighting...
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