WiFi Enabled Path Lighting

Our WiFi Enabled Path Lights are constructed with solid brass fixtures and provide LED protection with an optically clear high performance lighting sealant. This enables the lights to stand up to all that Mother Nature has to offer. These 6W WiFi LED Path Lights are offered in both Full Color and Classic White options. The LEDs are controlled with an integrated current driving circuit for consistent brightness from one light to the next. Speaking of brightness, all of our path lights in this series are adjustable with the Haven Smartphone App. The color is adjustable in any of the Full Color options. All of these options allow you to customize the lighting on your home with perfect amount of light and/or color.

Products In This Project

  • Full Color WiFi Model 1 LED Path Light
  • 150W WiFi Landscape Transformer

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WiFi Enabled Up Lighting
WiFi Enabled Up Lighting

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