Full Color Outdoor Mini WiFi LED Controller

Switch Finish
  • The Full Color Outdoor Mini WiFi LED Controller features include adjustable white, dimming, inputs for home automation, 20 color options, and 7 changing color patterns. The white setting can be adjusted from 2500K – 6500. This is all easily controlled with the wireless wall switch that is included with the controller. Multiple controllers sync together to operate in unison.

    Installation Guide

    Spec Sheet

    Voltage 10 – 28V DC
    Power 96W
    WiFi Frequency 2.4 Ghz

    Configured to work with Common Cathode LED configurations (connections to light should be Negative, R, G, B)

    120V AC to 24V DC Power Supply Included

    Full Color Controller Full Color LED Strip Accent Lights
    Outdoor Mini WiFi 42 ft 32
    Dimming Capability 15 Brightness Levels
    White Color Options 10 White Temperatures
    Color Options Red, Fire, Pumpkin, Amber, Tangerine, Marigold, Sunset, Yellow, Lime, Light Green, Green, Sea Foam, Turquoise, Ocean, Deep Blue, Violet, Purple, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink
    Pattern Options [Blend] Red › Pink › Purple, [Blend] Deep Blue › Turquoise › Green, [Blend] All Colors, [Fade] Christmas, [Fade] Fourth of July, [Blink] Halloween
    Range Up to 500 ft
    Battery Style 2023 Battery
    Typical Battery Life 5 Years
    We highly recommend using the direct burial/in wall 4 conductor wire when extra wire is required for connection to the lights.
    1 x Full Color Outdoor Mini WiFi LED Controller
    1 x Full Color Wireless Wall Switch
    1 x Barrel Jack 24V Power Supply
    4 x Mounting Screws
    4 x Drywall Anchors
    2 x Wood Screws
    1 x Double Sided Tape (Large for Controllers)
    2 x Double Sided Tape (Small for Wall Switch)

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