Haven Lighting Minute

Quoting Tips with Sales Guy Rob | Ep 7

In this episode we talk to Sales Guy Rob about knowing your worth and using that knowledge to grow your company.
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Let's Talk About Deck Lights! | Ep 6

Today we talk about one of our newest and most innovative light for adorning any outdoor living space; the Deck Light!
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Let's See What's Cookin' in the Kitchen? | Ep 5

On this, our fifth episode, Chris and Becky head inside with Sales Guy Rob to talk about kitchen lighting and our innovative Under Cabinet Lighting.
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Communication and Color Technology featuring Sales Guy Rob | Ep 4

Today, Sales Guy Rob stops by as we talk about landscape lighting communication technology and how it relates to color technology.
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We're Going (Wire) Nuts! | Ep 3

On this episode, Chris and Becky about some great tips and tricks about wiring and more.
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Sometimes All You Need Is a Beer, a Napkin and a Good Idea | Ep 2

See what happens when creativity strikes in the darnedest of places. Thankfully, if the idea is good enough, all you need is pen and something to record your idea.

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LISTEN: More Than Meets The Eye | Ep 1

If you couldn't guess by this episode's title, this, our inaugural episode, is all about our brand new line of low voltage landscape lighting transformers; the Stratus and the Mosaic. 
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LISTEN: Introducing the Haven Lighting Minute | Trailer

Join us for the latest in lighting technology, tips & tricks, new product overviews and more. First episode drops Monday August 10th. Subscribe now! 
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