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  • Illuminate your outdoor space with color-changing, smart, LED, string lights (bistro lights).

    Choosing the Perfect String Lights for Your Outdoor Space

    Creative Ways to Hang and Display String Lights

    Power Options: Superiority of Plug-in (vs. Solar)

    While deciding how to power your outdoor string lights, consider the benefits of plug-in power sources compared to solar power. Haven Lighting's plug-in bistro lights are more luminous and dependable than solar powered string lights. Plug-in string lights also offer a consistent light source that is not dependent on daily sunlight, and can illuminate larger areas compared to solar-powered lights.


    Frequently Asked Questions About String Lights

    What is the difference between LED and traditional bulb lights?

    LED lights are more efficient, robust and long-lasting than string lights as they use up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. They also don't require much maintenance and can last up to 50,000 hours compared to traditional bulbs which last only 1,000 hours. LED lights are also more cost-effective due to their lower electricity use.

    What do you use to hang string lights in your backyard?

    To hang string lights in your backyard, you'll need to gather supplies such as hooks, zip ties, carabiners, extension cords and a guy wire kit. Cup hooks, guide wires or zip ties may also be used for lighter lights. You can use a combination of hooks and staples if your string lights are hanging overhead.

    What are lights on a string called?

    String lights, also known as bistro lighting, are a festive way to brighten up any indoor or outdoor area.

    Are string lights safe outside?

    String lights that are designed for all-weather conditions are safe to use outdoors, as long as they're kept away from water. LED bulbs are also a better option for energy efficiency.

    What factors should I consider when choosing outdoor string lights?

    When selecting outdoor string lights, it is important to consider the length, construction, LED technology, color options, versatility, extension accessories, and weather resistance. Haven Lighting has considered all of these areas in our string lights.




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