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    The Color Changing Landscape Lighting from Haven Lighting is uniquely designed to fit in with your lifestyle. We focus on technology and innovation, which means we're able to offer unique features, including:

    Durable Brass and Aluminum Finishes

    Our landscape lighting not only looks great, it stands up to the elements. We’ve designed our elegant brass or aluminum fixtures to be both elegant and durable for years to come.

    A Variety of Radiant Color Options

    In addition to our Classic White LED lighting, Haven Lighting offers a broad range of hand selected hues to accent your home's beauty and add a festive touch to any occasion.

    Smart Phone App

    Our user-friendly app and cloud-based lighting system allow you to manage your color changing LED lighting from anywhere! Whether you want to schedule holiday colors or adjust the brightness of pathway lighting, complete control is at your fingertips!

    Full Brightness and Temperature Control

    Whether you want to highlight architectural features on a soft light, or you are looking for a brighter white for your walkways and paths, Haven Lighting allows you to adjust temperature and brightness with the touch of a button.

    Easy Home Automation

    Our easy set up process takes the hassle out of lighting customization. There’s no confusing timers or unreliable light sensors. Simply enter your preferences into the app and never worry about your RGB landscape lighting again.

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