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  • 9 Series Pro: Programmable, Color Changing Outdoor Lights

    Whether it is a party with friends or a warm relaxing evening with family, 9 Series Pro (RGBW) is the ultimate mix of art and ambiance. Creating the perfect atmosphere is extraordinarily simple with our patent-pending technology and exceptional user interface. With 9 Series Pro, your ability to create customized color changing outdoor lighting shows is almost unlimited. Create scenes to easily customize the brightness and color settings on any light and return to that complete setup with one touch of a button. Our new, patent-pending user interface raises the benchmark for the ultimate smart lighting experience.

    Shop Color Outdoor Lighting

    Revolutionary New App
    Revolutionary New App
    Customizable Light Shows
    Customizable Light Shows
    Control from Anywhere
    Control from Anywhere

    At Haven Lighting, our customers are our innovation partners. The 9 Series Pro is a fully-customizable, DIY-friendly lighting series that connects with the Haven Lighting App to deliver an intuitive user experience. Technology? Art? Why not both? The patent-pending 9 Series Pro Interface makes Haven Lighting the most advanced lighting interface in the market.

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    Our Obsession with Great User Experience

    Customers are interacting with their lighting systems more these days, so user experience really matters!

    Great Software Needs Great Hardware

    One thing we've learned over the years is that if you want a great user experience, you need great software.

    The Product Creation Process Is Important

    In-house product creation leads to a better product.

    Making Our Own Products

    We develop our own tech because we love being product creators.

    Nobody Does Scenes Like Haven

    Easy setup and easy execution.


    We recreated our Events capability from scratch for the new Haven Lighting app.

    Why We Don't Have a Color Wheel

    What's the point of thousands of colors when you don't even use 99% of them?

    Easy to Use DMX-style Light Shows

    You asked. We listened. With 9 Series Pro, you can now program amazing light shows!

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