Professional Grade – Factory Direct Landscape Lighting with Simple, Easy Automation

Professional grade outdoor lighting fixtures with built-in white light adjustability allow for a completely customized look all in one product offering. When our 6 Series lights are paired our Wi-Fi-enabled Stratus Landscape Lighting Transformer, it creates the perfect solution for customized landscape lighting and phone control and scheduling.

Getting Started with your Landscape Lighting

What's in the landscape lighting system?

Stratus Transformer

The transformer is the only item in the entire system that connects to your WiFi network. This makes setup quick and easy and enables full control and scheduling of your system from anywhere in the world.

up and down lights

Up Lights & Down Lights

Designed for optimum lumen output, these up and down lights are available in various wattages and come in aluminum and brass finish options.

Path Lights & Tiki Torch Lights

Whether you are illuminating the path to your front door or around a pool or patio, these lights give you a perfect blend of mood and safety lighting.

Feature Lights & Wall Sconces

Designed to accent columns, lanai, pool enclosures, dormers, second stories, small trees, statues, etc. these lights accentuate your architecture and landscape with a perfect amount of light.

Haven Lighting -vs- The Competition

At Haven Lighting we pride ourselves on producing The Ultimate Smart Lighting Experience. We engineer and design every element in our landscape lighting systems allowing us to create a fully customized and simplistic full-color smart lighting platform. Our cloud-based system allows us to provide customer support that surpasses any other system on the market. Additionally, it enables us to provide our customers with expandable solutions that receive automatic feature updates as we release them. With the Haven smart lighting system, you are always backed by the full team of Haven design and support professionals.

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Landscape Lighting System Compatibility

This chart is designed to help you better understand our systems and which products work with which controllers.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us.

Extend Your Exteriors With Haven’s Landscape Lighting

Most of us tend to not fully appreciate and enjoy our lawn, neighborhood park, or common apartment amenities after dark. Of course, there are good reasons for it. We don’t want to trip on a step we may not see. We may also feel that it's not safe or even fun enough. Landscape lighting can change that. When a garden is laid out with path lights, it encourages our family and friends to walk around and enjoy it, helping us extend our living space.

Similarly, when an apartment complex invests in pool lights or step lights, it not only adds a layer of safety, but also encourages residents to use the amenities after dark. Talk about increasing resident satisfaction!

At Haven Lighting, we have drawn on our personal experience to build landscape lighting that takes away the hassle of manually operating your outdoor landscape lights. Instead, you can use the Haven Lighting App, which allows you to control the color temperature, brightness, color, and even the schedule of your landscape lighting.

Not only that, but we have also hand-selected radiant hues for you to truly express your style. Our durable aluminum and brass fixtures look great and stand strong in the face of natural elements.

Increase the curb appeal of your apartment complex. Expand the living areas in your home. Use landscape lighting as your personal signature. Make your retail space more attractive. The ways to use landscape lighting are as limitless as your imagination.

Landscape Lighting Enhances Homes, Businesses, and Neighborhoods

If you had to choose between driving through a dimly-lit neighborhood or walking through it, what would you want to do? We hear you say that you’d choose to drive! Walking in the dark isn’t comfortable. Nor is it a treat for our senses.

On the other hand, imagine a neighborhood that has thought-out landscape lighting. Maybe the trees are outlined with beautiful lights, or a footbridge is draped in it. You are instantly motivated to walk through these spaces and admire your surroundings. Neighborhoods that use landscape lighting encourage exploration and enhance the curb appeal of a neighborhood.

Landscape lighting in retail spaces can increase foot traffic too. When people can walk comfortably through lit-up plazas, they don’t need to rush. Walking encourages us to pause, look into store windows, and explore a store’s offering.

Whether you are a homeowner, a HOA member, or a business owner, landscape lighting has the power to make the exterior of your space appear as inviting as the interior.

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