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  • Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Our Smart Outdoor Home Lighting - The Ultimate Outdoor Lighting Experience

    Haven Lighting elevates any environment, be it homes, buildings, campuses, or outdoor areas, into premier gathering spots with our advanced Exterior LED Lighting. Our Outdoor LED Lights are designed to craft a captivating atmosphere for all occasions. Beyond mere lighting, our products are a celebration of life's moments. They advocate for causes, express gratitude, and support family and friends, all while enhancing the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces with Smart Outdoor Lighting solutions.

    Revitalize Your Space with Smart Outdoor Lighting - Creating Exceptional Outdoor Gatherings

    At Haven Lighting, we specialize in innovative Smart Outdoor Lighting solutions, perfect for enhancing gathering places. Our goal is to transform your preferred outdoor spaces into enchanting atmospheres, ideal for any celebration or gathering. Experience the magic with our lighting, like the enchanting ambiance at The Swan Resort, Walt Disney World, illuminated by our expertise in Outdoor LED Lights and Exterior Lighting.

    What Haven Lighting is All About

    Haven Lighting is inspired by life, and created to enhance the existing beauty of your home, inside and out. When shopping for our own home outdoor LED lighting several years ago, we noticed the lack of options offering easy-to-use functionality and brilliant colors. Instead of simply settling for what was available, we decided to design our own premium lighting products, and thus, Haven Lighting was born.

    Our collections feature unique, LED products, with unparalleled brightness, vivid color, and white temperature adjustments. Whether you want to highlight the architectural beauty of your home, illuminate the pathways in your front yard, or accent a new kitchen backsplash, Haven has a lighting collection for you. Our wireless control systems can be easily integrated with home automation devices, as well, allowing you complete flexibility while adding style and sophistication to any living space.

    Why Trust Haven Lights In Your Home?

    Developed out of our own need for premium home accent lighting, our products were designed with you in mind. While we know our smart outdoor LED lighting systems are not essential to life, they are inspired by life. Adjust the brightness of your lighting during a dinner party on your deck. Schedule your outdoor lighting to change color for special holidays and celebrations. Even provide ambient lighting in bathrooms for your guests.
    With Haven Lighting, you can do it all!


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