General Questions

To become a contracting partner with Haven Lighting, please see our partner page.

If you have purchased any of our wifi controllers or transformers the app will control the lights once you get the unit on your wifi network.
You can find the app here for Apple devices or here for Android devices.

Check out these helpful videos: Apple device or Android device.

Yes, we have a great warranty on our products. Please see our warranty statement for the full detail.

Our products usually ship within 2-3 days of order from our manufacturing facility in Hebron, KY (just south of Cincinnati, OH)

We do! Check out all of our videos on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe as we add new videos regularly.

We recommend the Google Home WiFi Mesh Network product. This will extend the range of your network without the need of running wires. You can find it here. (get the 3 pack!)

Yes, however, you will need to call us (513 655 2468) so we can make sure we get you the best pricing.

Landscape Lighting

It is important that you use waterproof wire connections. These come in different varieties. We provide waterproof connections with our lights. It is important that none of the copper is exposed to water when making the connections so take care in not stripping back the wire too far. Wire corrosion is the number one cause of landscape lights not working properly.

The operating costs depends on the power (wattage) of each light that is connected to your system. In general LED lights are 5-6 times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and last 25-30 times longer.

You can mount the transformer outside or inside. Some customers mount them in the garage or basement. Others mount them next to an outlet on the outside wall of a home. It is important to note that if you have solid 2.4GHz WiFi signal strength at the transformer.

You must use a Haven Lighting transformer for our smartphone control landscape lighting system. This allows you to control your system from anywhere.

Our simple white lights can operate on any landscape lighting transformer.

No, our smartphone controlled lights use special filtering to assure communication in all applications. Adding other manufacturers products or any non-communication Haven lighting to our lighting system will degrade the communication and could cause issues in performance.

However, our simple white lights can be combined with other competitive products.  

We recommend 12/2 landscape wire for most applications. You can find it here. If you have extremely long runs (over 200 feet or more) you will want to use 10/2 or bigger.

We recommend 50-60W of lights on one wire run. The more lights you add to a run the more voltage drop you will incur. This will cause the system to use more power than normal. If you add too many lights to one run, the lights at the end of the wire run will not have enough voltage to operate.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

The Wireless Wall Switch has a range of 500 ft. It does not need line of site to operate. It does need to be mounted in a dry environment. It is not water resistant.

You can daisy chain up to 5’ 6” of lighting. This does not include the wire in between the lights.

Our Indoor/Outdoor lighting system runs on 24V DC.

Yes, the power supply is included.

Yes, the LED light strips are equivalent to an IP68 rating which can endure any weather conditions. We do NOT recommend them in submerged applications.

For Under Cabinet Lights you must use solid core 20/2 wire. Here is a link.

For classic white LED Strips and accent lights we recommend 14/2 wire. If it is outdoors, please make sure it is direct burial rated. You can find wire that will work for indoor and outdoor applications here.

For full color LED Strips and accent lights we recommend 14/4 wire. If it is outdoors, please make sure it is direct burial rated. You can find wire that will work for indoor and outdoor applications here.