Landscape Lighting Articles

Attract & Retain Residents With Automated Lighting for Condos

Condos are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for their first home and those who want to downsize.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Outdoor Lighting

You know commercial outdoor lighting changes the way a business looks, but the value it provides doesn’t stop there.

Outdoor LED Lighting: Use Color To Bring More Visitors to Your Business

Even if you didn’t intentionally give “branding” a thought, the design choices you’ve made reflect your taste and aesthetic.

5 Landscape Lighting Designs To Try This Summer

Make the most of the longer days of summer by spending more time outdoors. If your backyard is your summer vacation destination, we have some ideas for jazzing it up.

Beyond Plants — Use Smart Outdoor Lighting as Yard Decor

Don’t get us wrong! We love plants, but we are also well aware that not everyone has a green thumb.

Ready Your Business For Any Season With Full Color Landscape Lighting

With the arrival of spring, summer’s waiting in the wings with longer days, warmer temperatures, and opportunities to bring in new business.

NEW 9 Series Pro - Smart Landscape Lighting with App Control

Creative, critical, analytical, emotional — experts may box our brains into neat little compartments, but the human mind, at its root, is creative.

Landscape Lighting to Match Your Style

Your home is an extension of your personality. This reflection of your personality is not limited to just the inside of your home.

Christmas Landscape Lighting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A Spot Light or A Flood Light?

Spotlights and floodlights are commonly used terms to describe how focused the light is coming out of a fixture.

How Our System Works

When it comes to LED landscape lighting there are many options to choose from.

Zone for Flag Day

A country’s flag is a symbol with meaning.

More Zoning Magic

Create memories for years to come.

The Magic of Zoning

Everyone wants joy in their life, even on a schedule!

Light Technology

LED is the most popular choice these days when it comes to landscape lighting, and its long life is its best feature.

Integrated LEDs vs. Bulbs

As we have discussed in other sections, heat transfer away from the LED is vital for its life expectancy.

Smart Phone Control Light Options

There are two major communication technologies when it comes to phone control landscape lighting, and they are very different in how they function.

LED White Color Temperature

Once you have selected a trusted source for consistent color, the next item is to select the white color temperature.

Home Automation

Home automation brings the power of turning the lights on and off at certain times without the reliance on timers and light sensors.

LED Lumen Output (Brightness)

Lumens are the measurement of light output. There are many factors in how many lumens a light fixture will produce.

LED Binning

Once the LEDs are manufactured, they are sorted by color.

Up Light Fixture Design

There are many different up light fixture designs on the market.

LED White Color (Tone or Temperature)

When selecting high-end LED landscape lighting, white color temperature is probably the most important characteristic and the most overlooked feature.

Indoor Lighting Articles

Under Cabinet Lighting Wiring Options

Haven Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting systems make installing your lights fast and easy.

Full Color Wireless Wall Switch Operation

Haven Lighting LED Controllers have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your home.

Under Cabinet Lighting Brightness

Under Cabinet Lighting is essential when accenting the back splash and counter top.

Wireless Wall Switch Mounting Options

The Wireless Wall Switch can be mounted in a multitude of ways.

Wireless Wall Switch – Add As Many As You Like

One of the best features of the Haven Lighting Wireless Wall Switch™ is their versatility.

Under Cabinet Lighting Wiring – Wiring Made Simple

Haven Lighting Under Cabinet Lights offer simple-to-install wiring system.

Elegance In Every Detail – Soft On & Off

LED lighting is known for its near instantaneous response time when being turned on and off.

Classic White Wireless Wall Switch™ Operation

Haven Lighting LED Controllers have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your home.

Under Cabinet Lighting Reflections

The good, the bad... and the ugly!

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