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  • Christmas Lights Outdoor for a Festive Holiday

    Christmas lights outdoor, permanent Christmas lights at a luxury home - Haven Lighting


    Illuminate Your Christmas Outdoors with Permanent Christmas Lights

    Tis’ the season to light up your surroundings! While the festive spirit fills the air in your neighborhood, you might find yourself wrestling with a tangled mess of Christmas lights, only to discover they’ve fizzled out from a year’s storage in your attic.

    Instead of untangling strands and risking your safety perched on a ladder, discover a smarter solution with Haven Lighting. These permanent Christmas lights are designed for convenience and safety, sparing you the chore of last-minute shopping trips and precarious ladder climbs. Say goodbye to the tedious task of dismantling decorations come January—our lights offer a hassle-free setup and timeless elegance.

    Let Haven Lighting brighten up your holiday season effortlessly. With just a simple schedule, your landscape transforms into a merry display of red and green every December, ensuring a dazzling celebration year after year. Experience the magic of Christmas — with a few taps on your smart phone.

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    Benefits of Haven Lighting's Christmas Lights (Outdoor)

    1. With Haven Lighting's effortless LED Christmas lights outdoor setup, you can bask in the glow of your festive home without the fuss. Our innovative landscape lighting system ensures envy-worthy displays every Christmas, sparing you the headache of tangled strands and precarious climbs.

    2. Take charge of your holiday ambiance with our intuitive smartphone app, allowing you to schedule your permanent Christmas lights from anywhere in the world. Simply set your preferences, and watch as your landscape transforms with the colors of the season at your command.

    3. Crafted to withstand the elements, our landscape lighting fixtures shine brightly even on the chilliest winter nights. From up lights to down lights, well lights to path lights, we offer a range of options to elegantly accentuate your home's architectural charm and illuminate pathways with outdoor Christmas lights. Whether showcased solo or integrated seamlessly into your holiday decor, our Christmas landscape lighting promises enduring beauty—no climbing ladders or packing away boxes required.

    4. But our lighting prowess extends beyond Christmas. Haven's landscape lighting serves as a stunning year-round accent for your home. Enjoy complete control over the warmth and intensity of our classic white lighting, enhancing your outdoor ambiance throughout the seasons.

    5. Seeking a splash of color for a special occasion? Choose from our curated selection of 32 radiant hues to illuminate your home. Whether rooting for your favorite team on game day or celebrating with red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July, Haven Lighting ensures your home shines bright on every occasion.

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    The Haven Lighting app enables you to:

    Christmas lights outdoor & permanent Christmas lights for nice home
    1. Easily manage your outdoor Christmas lights with our intuitive smartphone app. Adjust the brightness and temperature of your white lighting, set custom schedules for automatic on/off times, and plan special occasion lighting well in advance. Whether you're dreaming of a red and green December or want to show team spirit every Saturday during football season, simply program it in the app, and it will be seamlessly executed year after year.


    2. Divide your landscape into light zones within the app to control different areas independently. Highlight your outdoor Christmas decorations with one zone while adorning the front of your house with festive colors in another. Each zone operates autonomously, allowing you to make changes without affecting the rest, and you can label them for easy reference.

    3. Save your favorite outdoor Christmas lights designs as scenes within the app. Once named, like "Winter Wonderland," the app stores them for future use. When you're ready to enjoy that specific ambiance again, simply select the scene, sit back, and watch your home come alive with light. With our user-friendly interface, enhancing your holiday home decor has never been simpler.

    4. Plus, integrate Alexa with the Haven app to control your light zones, scenes, and more using just your voice. Whether you're hosting guests, spending quality time with family, or simply away from your phone, you can effortlessly adjust your lights with voice commands, eliminating the need to interrupt your activities to find your phone.

    Celebrate Christmas in a Haven Home

    Experience the magic of Haven's outdoor home lighting, illuminating not just your holidays but every day with timeless elegance. Haven products boast a dazzling array of colors, from the timeless glow of classic white to the vibrant hues of red and beyond. With each installation, you gain access to the Haven mobile app, empowering you to customize preferences and schedule lighting for the entire year—from the comfort of your front porch or anywhere across the globe. Explore our photo gallery to witness how our customers bring their celebrations to life with Haven.

    Contact us today to learn more about outdoor Christmas lighting from Haven Lighting, or to schedule a demonstration.

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