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    Full Color Landscape Lighting

    Full Color Landscape Lighting Accentuates Architectural Features

    Some buildings are beautifully designed. Cornices, canopies, eaves, awnings — each feature so artistic that one may easily spend hours admiring it. It doesn’t seem fair to limit this admiration to morning hours. Full color landscape lighting enables people to appreciate the architectural features of buildings at any time. In fact, this type of lighting adds another element to your building. An element of drama and storytelling.

    Churches may use full color landscape lighting and create an ethereal air around their building. Hotels may use this style of lighting to showcase their stunning façade and highlight different features in distinct colors. Homes may use full color landscape lighting to add a bigger dose of personality and make their space more attractive. Full color landscape lighting can also be used to celebrate various holidays, or even replace Christmas lights all-together.

    Different Colors and Fixtures Add Depth to Spaces

    Full color landscape lighting uses different types of fixtures that throw light in distinct ways to add depth and personality to a building’s exterior. Imagine subtle blue up lights that draw attention to an ornamental awning, or warm yellow path lights that gently illuminate the ground and draw your eyes downward. Think of wall sconces that create balance with their glow that can be directed upward and downward.

    Full color landscape lighting acts as a playground for your senses. Our eyes move from one section of a building to another, delighted by what we notice, mesmerized by what we see. A great way to draw attention to a space, full color landscape lighting can be used by anyone from homeowners, to business owners, and building managers. If you want a unique and classy way to make your building attractive, full color landscape lighting will do it for you.

    Innovative Lighting From Haven

    Haven was born from a desire to offer better lighting options for everyone. Innovation is in our DNA. We have created a one-of-a-king full color core drill light (or paver light), perfect for any hardscaping project. Offering high lumens and throwing light in an upward direction, these durable lights are perfect for big, tall buildings that are designed to impress. Churches, hotels, wedding venues, event spaces can all use core drill lights.

    At Haven, we not only want to bring aesthetically pleasing full color landscape lighting to everyone, but we also want you to enjoy the look without having to worry about maintenance. The Haven Mobile App is an easy way for you to control the color temperature, brightness, color, and even the schedule of your landscape lighting.

    Our full color landscape lighting is built for use. The innovative core drill light is not only resistant to water, but also to salt. So go ahead and light up your space. Our brass, aluminum, and stainless steel lights are beautiful to look at and durable through the seasons.

    Let your building’s and landscape’s personality shine with full color lighting!

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