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  • Haven Lighting, Inc. is widely known as the leader in outdoor smart lighting technology. We are expanding our product offering and technology into new applications and are excited to host an exclusive, invitation-only event to kick-off this differentiating product line.

    If you are sick of "me-too" roofline (permanent lighting) products, this is your ticket to offer your customers the best product and user experience on the market. Haven Lighting is best known for our amazing app, product innovation, market leading technology and great user experience. This expansive product line continues the Haven brand culture of innovation and provide our partners with a unique product offering unlike any other.

    Are you tired of installing products that once you leave neighbors cannot tell who's product was installed? Are you over competing with any person that has a ladder? This is your opportunity! Haven Lighting has a unique model that gives you many opportunities to grow and succeed.

    We are looking for experienced and driven company leaders that are focused on growing their businesses and creating opportunities. If that sounds like you, please click below and apply to be invited to this unique opportunity!

    X Series FAQ


    We are looking for experienced roofline (permanent lighting) contractors and other existing companies in adjacent markets that are looking to expand their business.

    Yes, today we are not looking for someone just getting in to business. However, if that is your scenario, we are happy to talk to you about all of our other Haven Lighting products to help get you started. As you grow, this would be a potential option if your geographical region is still open.

    Yes, you are required to come to training before you become a dealer. Our goal is for our end-users to have the ultimate experiences with our products. In order to accomplish this training is required.

    In most cases yes, but depending on the size of the company, it could potentially be an operations manager & sales manager, etc with approval.

    The application fee is a non-refundable one time fee. This fee goes towards the cost of reviewing and considering the applications. Should you be selected for an invitation and join us for the event, there will not be any addition costs for two individuals to attend the on day product launch and training event. Future product introduction and training events for X Series will have additional associated costs.

    Associated Landscape Lighting / Haven Lighting Training

    Please click here to learn more about this training event. If you are looking to expand intor landscape lighting or looking to advance your installation skills this training is highly recommended. The first two days are only open to the first 25 people so sign up quickly.

    If you are quite comfortable with Landscape Lighting installation but have not installed very many Haven Lighting systems, we highly recommend Day 3 of the training course. This is occurs on Aug 7th, the day before the product launch event. This will be highly valuable for you to understand the overall Haven Lighting technology and product/App infrastructure and give you a much better background going into the product launch event. Sign up here.

    Access to Haven Lighting Products

    Yes, becoming an X Series dealer gives you complete access to Haven Lighting products with discounting.

    Yes, you will have access to the X Series products but will not receive a discount on this product line unless you have been selected and invited to be an X Series dealer specifically.

    Dealer Requirements

    For the Aug 8th event only, there is no upfront cost to become a dealer except for the one time application fee.

    No, unlike many other brands for permanent lighting, there is no stocking requirements to become a dealer. However, as you grow, you will want to stock popular items to make installations quicker and easier.

    No more than 2 people can come to the event per company. Preferably, one of those two is in a manager role or higher.

    You must purchase a minimum of $25,000 of X-Series material a year to maintain your dealership status. Beyond that, the bottom 10% of dealers by purchasing volume will be up for re-evaluation for renewal. Our goal is to create the best dealer network in the country and we believe limiting this by geography is valuable for your company. We also expect performance for this benefit.

    Yes, providing the ultimate experience for our end-users is our goal. If we receive complaints from end users about your customer service or craftsmanship, we do have the ability to end the dealership benefit at any time.

    More Information

    We will be officially closing registration on June 30th. However, based on the fact that this selection process will be limited by region, we suggest entering your application as soon as possible.

    No. Shocked? We don't believe in them. We want to have the best dealer network in the country and we owe it to you to have the best product in the country. Locking you in is not in anyone's best interest. We love the pressure of creating and innovating the best product and staying ahead of everyone! Game On.

    Yes, you can apply; however, we will not accept dealers in overlapping Haven defined geographies. We will keep your information on file should an opening occur.

    We will be releasing more information about the product up until the product launch event. Please follow us on facebook (join our private group called "Haven Lighting Professionals") and Youtube to stay up to date on relevant information.

    If you have any current questions give us a call at 513-655-2468

    You can note on the application that you would like to apply to be a dealer but cannot make it to the event. You may be invited to a future event; however, there will be a cost for training that is being waived for this August 8th event.

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