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  • LED Lumen Output (Brightness)

    Lumens are the measurement of light output. There are many factors in how many lumens a light fixture will produce. They include the number of LEDs in the fixture, the LED power capacity, the LED operating temperature, and the power consistency applied to the light fixture. Lights come in many varieties of power options. Some lights (like the Haven Lighting full-color phone control lights) offer the ability to adjust the lumen output (i.e., power, brightness) per fixture or group of fixtures.

    Perceived brightness also depends on how the light is spread onto a wall, tree, or other object. An LED produces the same amount of light no matter how the light is spread.  If the LED light output is focused to a very small angle (many times called a “spot light”), all of the lumens will be focused in one small area and look much brighter than if that same LED light output was spread to a wide area (many times called a “flood light”). The chart below will help demonstrate this effect.

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