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    LED vs. Halogen Life

    LED is the most popular choice these days when it comes to landscape lighting, and its long life is its best feature. It can last 10 to 20 times longer than halogen bulb technology. Given that changing bulbs or fixtures due to bulb failure is one of the most frustrating parts of landscape lighting according to most customers, it is no wonder why LED is the most popular lighting source today.

    LED vs. Halogen Energy Consumption

    LED technology uses 10 to 12 times less energy than halogen technology. This means running your LED landscape lighting will cost 10% of the cost of Halogen technology. For instance, if it costs $2 a night to run your halogen lights, the LED cost for that same system would be 20 cents, offering a significant savings.

    Incandescent Lights

    We will only make one comment on incandescent light bulbs since most landscape lights are not offered using that technology anymore. The cost for incandescent light is higher, and the lifespan is shorter than both halogen and LED, making it a very poor choice given today’s options.

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