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  • Under Cabinet Lighting Brightness

    Under Cabinet Lighting is essential when accenting the back splash and counter top. It serves as an excellent source of light for sharpening your culinary skills and can help in creating just the right amount of ambiance when you have company over. Many of our clients use our lights as a nightlight by dimming them to their lowest setting. These three scenarios typically do not require the same amount of light. When preparing food, a bright light is necessary to achieve a first-rate work environment. When company is over, accenting the back splash at a medium setting is ideal. At night the lights can act as a nightlight for moving around the kitchen for a midnight snack.

    The Haven Home Lighting Under Cabinet Lights below are much brighter than the competitors.

    Haven Under Cabinet Lights

    The Haven Home Lighting Under Cabinet Lights brighten this dark counter top and back splash, giving it a deeper, richer feel.  The lights feature low voltage (small) wire that allows them to be mounted toward the front of the cabinet. The resulting effect is greater working light on the counter top, while still illuminating the back splash beautifully thanks to powerful LEDs.

    Competitor Under Cabinet Lights

    Our competitors Under Cabinet Lighting, which runs at 120VAC, does not accent the back splash or counter top, resulting in a noticeable lack of brightness. Because the lights are powered by 120V, the only option the client had was to mount the lights toward the back of the cabinet. (see article: Under Cabinet Light Wiring - Wiring Made Simple).

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