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    There are many different up light fixture designs on the market. The majority of the designs consist of a knuckle on the “stem” of the up light that allows for the angular rotation of the light up or down. This style of design works to accomplish the task of angling the light to the proper setting. It is also aesthetically pleasing to most people and thus very popular. However, it does come with a mechanical design flaw. This flaw is due to the fact that the center of gravity is not in line with the rotational pivot point of the fixture. Thus, when the light is not positioned straight up, the center of gravity causes torque on the knuckle and a force, caused by gravity, that is always being applied to the light to try to move it from this position. In order to prevent the light from moving, the angular knuckles are designed with teeth in them. These teeth help create friction to hold the light in position. Should the locking screw loosen over time, the light will fall from its original position because the teeth disengage. Thus the light will no longer be shining on the intended target.

    With the Haven Lighting aluminum up light design, we have taken great care in designing the pivot point of the light to be in exact alignment with the center of gravity of the light. Thus, there is no force applied to the light trying to move it away from its rotated position. This is ideal for longevity of light position. With a small amount of force applied with a tightening screw at the pivot point, the light will stay in its position. When the center of gravity is located on the pivot point, you create an ideal up light design.

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