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  • Wireless Wall Switch – Add As Many As You Like

    One of the best features of the Haven Home Lighting Wireless Wall Switch™ is their versatility. Because of their wireless design, you can put them anywhere and add as many switches as you like* to control your lights. Often times our clients choose to place switches in a few different locations throughout a room so they have the control of the lights from several areas.

    No Wiring Or Associated Labor Costs

    The wireless feature of the Haven Wireless Wall Switch™ means there are no wires to run. This has several benefits, the first being reduced labor or wiring costs associated with adding a switch to your project. Secondly, the switches can be placed anywhere. This is especially convenient when the lights are the only thing being added to a room. Many times the expense to run a wire to a desired location for a switch or multiple switches in a completed space, is cost prohibitive.

    Full Color Wireless Wall Switch - Video Playlist

    Classic White Wireless Wall Switch - Video Playlist

    * (Mini - up to 12, Duo - up to 24)

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