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    June 14th is Flag Day. A day when America celebrates the adoption of our country flag. A country’s flag is a symbol with meaning. In the United States there are a variety of meanings in our flag; we have the colors, the red and white stripes, the stars, the nickname “Old Glory” and a code for display and conduct. To many in the military the flag represents a living soul. We learn from a young age that the flag is special, to show honor and respect for what it represents and to handle it appropriately in the grace for which it stands. It stands for the courage and bravery of the men and women that founded our nation, that protect our nation and all who live here.

    What our flag stands for?

    Red: valor and bravery
    White: purity and innocence
    Blue: vigilance, perseverance and justice

    Represent the 50 states

    13 original founding colonies

    Old Glory
    An endearing term by Captain William Driver as he voyaged across the sea and proudly displayed it at his home during the civil war.

    Flag Code
    Well there is a great infographic found on that describes this, what we will focus on here is that it be illuminated when flown at night.

    Illuminating the Flag
    Our outdoor landscape lighting system has the capability to keep your flag lit while other lights are turned off and vise versa. It gives you the freedom to choose how you want your LED lighting displayed on your home, in areas of your lawn and for lighting up flags, statues, fountains, etc. This capability is called “zoning.” We have blog posts and videos if you would like to know more. Explore them here or on our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe.

    When lighting up your flag, there are four things to consider:

    1. Your Pole Height

    2. Flag size

    3. Lens angle

    4. Fixture type

    Our short video, Zoning the Flag discusses in less than 2 minutes things to consider and provides a chart to help you determine the best lens angle of your landscape light. Said succinctly, the smaller the degrees (e.g. 6°) angle the more narrow and tall the stream of light is. The larger the degrees (e.g. 45°) angle the wider and shorter the stream of light. However, flag size and pole size are factors to consider. The standard rule of thumb is that your flag size be ¼ the height of your pole size. We all have different preferences, so check out our video above and learn how best to illuminate your flag pole.

    Our Lighting Technology and Fixtures
    In addition to making a variety of LED lens angles to perfectly accentuate your home and lights in brass and black aluminum; there are 2 specific lights — up-lights and well-lights, we recommend for lighting your flag. The choice is preference but there are pros and cons to consider. Well-lights sit flush with the ground, so debris can cover the light as can snow. Since they are LED, snow will take longer to melt as the lights do not get hot. Up-lights sit above the ground and that means debris, unless large will not cover the light stream and snow is not likely to be a problem. Both fixtures contain our innovative landscape lighting technology that includes;

    • Phone capability, wifi connection so you can control them from anywhere using the Haven Smartphone App... it’s home automation at your fingertips without the cost.

    • Embedded LED lenses for easy replacement without removing the fixture.

    • Batch calibrated LED technology for consistent color and brightness.

    • Premium, high quality materials and sleek fixtures to compliment your landscape design.

    • Holiday lighting at the tap of a button then back to white the very next day, or just schedule it and forget it.

    Join us and celebrate Flag Day every year in style!

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