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  • 9 Series Pro Smart Transformer


      Haven Lighting’s smart landscape lighting transformer works exclusively with our 9 Series Pro WiFi enabled line of landscape lighting and the Haven Pro smartphone app. It may be mounted indoors or outdoors for easy installation. The transformer plugs into a regular outdoor wall outlet and contains a toroidal core that offers cooler and quieter performance. This landscape lighting transformer is easy to hide and packs 150W or 300W of lighting power. If you have classic white or color changing outdoor lighting from a different provider, you can still use the 9 Series Pro WiFi transformer. All you need is our Smart Transformer Expansion Module (STEM), which works with all brands of light. This landscape lighting transformer is perfect for accent lights, step lighting, and landscape lighting.

      Voltage 120V AC
      Power 150W, 300W
      Output Voltage 15V AC

      Note: This transformer works exclusively with our 9 Series Pro line of lights. Always disconnect the transformer from the electrical outlet before working on or installing this unit and/or any part of the lighting system.

    • This smart landscape lighting transformer can easily replace an old transformer you may have, making it much easier to operate your color changing outdoor lighting. You can also use the 9 Series Pro landscape lighting transformer to set up Events. Events are pre-set schedules you can create for your color changing outdoor lighting to turn on and off at specific times and days. When setting up the landscape lighting transformer, we recommend not exceeding 80 watts of power per run from the transformer and ensuring that you mount the lighting transformer in an area that receives a good WiFi signal.

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