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  • Classic White Wireless Wall Switch

    • The Haven Lighting Classic White Wireless Wall Switch is designed to be used with any of our K Series controllers and provide full functionality. You can add up to 30 switches per controller. You can also pair one switch with multiple controllers. And unlike many other LED controllers this wireless switch does not need line of sight to operate.

      Engineered for simple installation - no wires! There are three options for mounting.

      Installation Guide   

      * Wall plate not included

      Battery Style 2032 Battery
      Typical Battery Life 5 Years
      Range Up to 500 ft (without obstructions)

      Spec Sheet   
    • IN THE BOX
      1 x Classic White Wireless Wall Switch*
      2 x Drywall Anchors
      2 x Mounting Screws
      2 x Double Sided Tape for screwless mounting

      * Wall plate NOT included

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