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  • 9 Series Full Color 3-Inch Brass LED Down Light

    • A beautiful rubbed bronze finish and solid brass construction make this gorgeous down light ideal for any feature you wish to illuminate. These down lights are available in a 3 inch fixture and 6 watts of power.

      • Integrated LEDs that are easily replaceable without removing the fixtures.

      • Comes with 4 different lens angles for the ultimate in versatility.

      • Vertical tilt up to 270 degrees.

      • Haven Lighting anti-moisture connection.

      Voltage 12V – 15V AC
      Wattage 6W
      Max Voltage 15V AC
      Brightness 10 Levels
      Lens Angle Options 10°, 25°, 45° and 60°
      Full Color Options 20 Colors
      Classic White Color Temperature 8 Temperatures
      Transformer 9 Series Smart Transformer required (sold separately)

    • IN THE BOX
      1 x 9 Series Full Color 3-Inch Brass LED Down Light
      1 x Wall Mount With Screws
      2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts

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