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  • Full Color LED Accent Light

    • Innovative Design. Versatile. Easy to Install.


      Introducing our exclusive Full Color LED Accent Light, a unique innovation in outdoor LED accent lighting. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it's perfect for enhancing stair steps, kitchen kick lighting, retaining walls, and bench undersides. Crafted from powder-coated, waterproof cast aluminum, these lights ensure durability in outdoor conditions. The design features a hidden connector for effortless installation and maintenance. Each light comes with an optional mounting plate, accommodating various surfaces like grout, cement, and gravel, making it a versatile choice for all your outdoor accent lighting needs.
      Installation Guide   
      Voltage 24V DC
      Current 125mA
      Power 3W
      Wiring Common cathode LED configurations (connections to light should be Common, +24V Red, +24V Green, +24V Blue)

      Spec Sheet   

      Q Series Full Color Controllers Number of Accent Lights
      Mini (4A) 32
      Duo (10A) 80 (40 per channel)

      Cast Aluminum Color Options Gray, Brown
      Wire Length 15 ft
    • IN THE BOX
      1 x Full Color LED Accent Light
      2 x Wood Screws
      2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts
      2 x Double Sided Tape
      1 x Mounting Plate
      2 x Mounting Plate Screws
      15 ft of Wire

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