Full Color LED Accent Light

  • Innovative Design. Versatile. Easy to Install.

    Our most innovative design, and the only light of its kind, for indoor or outdoor application. The perfect light to illuminate stair steps, kick lighting for the kitchen, retaining walls and under benches. These cast aluminum lights are powder coated, waterproof and have a concealed connector that make installation and replacement easy. An optional mounting plate is included with every light in case installation requires grout, cement or gravel, etc.

    Voltage 24V DC
    Current 125mA
    Power 3W
    Wiring Common cathode LED configurations (connections to light should be Common, +24V Red, +24V Green, +24V Blue)
    Q-Series Full Color Controllers Number of Accent Lights
    Mini (2A) 16
    Mini (4A) 32
    Duo (5A) 40
    Duo (10A) 80 (40 per channel)
    Cast Aluminum Color Options Tan, Gray, Brown, White
    Wire Length 15 ft

    Installation Guide

  • 1 x Full Color LED Accent Light
    2 x Wood Screws
    2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts
    2 x Double Sided Tape
    1 x Mounting Plate
    2 x Mounting Plate Screws
    15 ft of Wire
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