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  • Full Color LED Deck Post Light

    • Our most innovative design yet! Whether you're building a new deck or retrofitting, installation of our Full Color LED Deck Post Light couldn't be easier. Replacement is also a breeze using our proprietary connectors. With these sleek indicator lights, not only can you set the perfect mood for any outdoor gathering but you can ensure your guests' safety at the same time.

      Installation Guide   
      Voltage 24V DC
      Current 75mA
      Power 1.5W
      Wiring Common cathode LED configurations (connections to light should be Common, +24V Red, +24V Green, +24V Blue)

      Spec Sheet   

      Q Series Full Color Controllers Number of Deck Lights
      Mini (4A) 64
      Duo (10A) 160 (80 per channel)

      Material Powder Coated Aluminum
      Wire Length 6 ft. Extension Cable Included
    • IN THE BOX
      1 x Full Color LED Deck Post Light
      1 x 6 ft. Extension Cable

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