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  • Classic White LED Under Cabinet Light

    • Functional. Sophisticated. Versatile.

      Use anywhere with cabinets, our Classic White LED Under Cabinet Light provides the perfect illumination. A light that brightly lights up the countertop for food preparation, accentuates the backsplash while also adding just the right amount of light at night or while entertaining guests. These lights are dimmable, low profile, and only reflect a smooth, soft glow. They are simple to install and add value to the home.

      Installation Guide   
      Length Voltage Current Power
      26 in. 24V DC 800mA 19W
      19 in. 24V DC 600mA 15W
      12 in. 24V DC 400mA 10W
      7 in. 24V DC 200mA 5W

      Spec Sheet   

      Classic White Controller Under Cabinet Lighting
      Mini (2A) 50 in
      Mini (4A) 100 in
      Duo (5A) 125 in
      Duo (10A) 250 in (125 in per channel)

      Housing Powder Coated Aluminum
      Lens Polycarbonate
      Mounting Clips ABS Plastic
      Screws Zinc-plated Steel
    • IN THE BOX
      1 x Classic White LED Under Cabinet Light
      1 x 4 Feet of Wire
      2 x Mounting Clips
      2 x Wood Screws

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