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    commercial outdoor lighting

    Condos are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for their first home and those who want to downsize. So if you're a condo manager or owner, ensuring your property appeals to potential and current residents is important. One way to do that is by automating your building's lighting to add a touch of luxury that attracts residents.

    Haven Lighting’s 9 Series Pro smart landscape lighting system opens a world of possibilities for making your condo stand out for potential residents and encouraging current residents to renew their leases. From making visitors and residents feel welcome to creating a calming atmosphere, automated lighting for condos gives residents a better living experience while making your property more efficient.

    How To Use Automated Lighting for Condos To Help Your Property Stand Out

    apartment entrance lighting

    With just a few taps of the Haven smartphone app, you can create a welcoming light display for potential tenants and current residents returning home. The app also makes it a breeze to create ambient lighting that uses soft colors to affect mood and help residents relax.

    Automated lighting for condos brings out the best in your property by highlighting the landscape and architectural features that extend living spaces to the outdoors. While navigating those spaces, residents feel more at ease surrounded by the comforting glow of functional lighting that lets them see everything and everyone around them. When holidays and special occasions like resident birthdays roll around, amp up functional lighting to a festive display with a scheduled light show.

    Let’s explore unique ways to use landscape lighting to make your property stand apart from the crowd.

    Roll Out the Welcome Mat With Automated Lighting for Condos

    Give potential residents a great first impression of your property with a welcoming light display. If you’re a real estate agent who arranges night tours of properties, you can use the Haven mobile app to schedule a special arrangement of light and color to greet potential tenants when they arrive. We have a wide range of up, down, and well lights to delight viewers and make them feel like they’re already home.

    Welcome current residents back home with an “end of the workday” light show. You can design the display in the app and program it to start at 5 o’clock on weekdays when residents come home from work.

    Encourage Residents to Relax With Ambient Lighting

    condo and apartment lighting

    Automated lighting for condos soothes the mind and helps residents de-stress. An array of soft lights at your property’s entrance and in common areas helps melt away tension. Program our path, tiki torch, and globe lights to create warm colors that inspire a moody atmosphere.

    Ambient lighting is also great for reducing light pollution. For light fixtures positioned near unit windows, schedule lights to dim later in the night so glares and reflections of the light don’t disturb residents.

    Highlight Landscape Features & Amenities With Smart Lighting

    Show off fire pits, waterfalls, planting beds, fountains, and other landscape features on your property with smart outdoor lighting for condos. Use up lights to create dramatic shadows on walls behind shrubs and trees. Using full-color LED feature lights, you can backlight a wall and have landscape features in front of the wall contrast with the appearance of a silhouette.

    Give residents more outdoor living space by highlighting amenities and common areas. For example, install wall sconces, accent lights, and deck lights around your property's green spaces, clubhouses, dog parks, resident fitness centers, and other amenities.

    Help Residents Feel Sheltered With Functional Lighting

    automated apartment building lights

    Residents feel at ease navigating well-lit common areas where they can see everything around them. Automated lighting for condos lets you schedule functional lighting for evening and nighttime hours when tenants use the mail room, entrances, exits, parking lots, and other public spaces.

    Besides making residents feel comfortable, functional lighting also illuminates potential hazards on your property. For instance, stairwells and walkways require proper light levels for tenants to see where they’re going and avoid spills, uneven surfaces, and anything else that may trip them up.

    Celebrate Holidays & Special Occasions With Light Displays

    Make your residents feel more at home by celebrating their birthdays with a customized light show. LED strips can create a jaw-dropping arrangement of the person’s favorite colors, or you can program a one-of-a-kind display for everyone’s birthday.

    Holidays are the perfect time to have fun with automated lighting for condos. Schedule your landscape lights to switch to red and green for Christmas, or create a red-white-and-blue array of Fourth of July lights.

    Elevate Your Property With Automated Lighting for Condos

    Automated lighting for condos is a powerful tool for creating a welcoming and attractive environment for condo residents. Improve your condo community and make current and potential residents love where they live with 9 Series Pro color changing outdoor lighting.

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