Smart Outdoor Lighting

Smart Outdoor Lighting For a Home That’s Fully Connected

The exterior lighting around your home doesn’t have to be an afterthought of practicality. Yes, it's important to be able to see your way down the front steps after the sun goes down, but your lighting can be much more than that - thanks to smart outdoor lighting.

Imagine arriving home after a late night and being able to flick your porch light on from the curb instead of stumbling down a dark path. Then, imagine that you were actually able to pre-program your porch light to come on at a certain time based on when the sun sets that time of year. Then, on top of that, imagine that you were also able to illuminate the exterior of your home in a soft hue of pink to match your blooming carnations, or red and green for the holiday season!

Whether you are sitting in your jacuzzi as the sun goes down, or vacationing halfway around the world, you and your home will always be connected through Haven Lighting’s smart outdoor lighting.

Celebrate at Home with Smart Outdoor Lighting

Smart outdoor lighting is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate an occasion or express support for a cause. Did your child’s sports team win a game? Light up the house in their school colors. Express your pride and watch their faces glow with joy. Unsure how to make your partner’s birthday more special? Schedule your smart outdoor lighting to light up in their favorite color.

Haven Lighting offers the convenience of scheduling your landscape lights to go on and off at set times. Want your outdoor lighting to light up at dusk and turn off at sunrise? Want to show off Christmas colors a few weeks before Christmas arrives? Haven Lighting’s calendar-based automation makes your smart outdoor lighting work just the way you want it to.

For a Home That’s Eco-Conscious Try Smart Outdoor Lighting

Being eco-conscious doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of life. With its calendar-based automation and customizable brightness controls, smart outdoor lighting is a great way to create an ambiance without flooding the night sky in your neighborhood with bright light. Instead of having to remember to turn off the lights in the daytime (and let’s be honest, forgetting to do it!), you can simply set a schedule for your smart outdoor lighting to turn on and off. Our full-color LED lighting options also add to the eco-consciousness of your home by making it more efficient.

Unwind at Home with Smart Outdoor Lighting

When we think of home, we think of a place that puts us at ease. A place where we can (literally) put our feet up and relax our minds. Use your smart outdoor lighting system to create an atmosphere that helps you rejuvenate. From bistro lights, to pathway lights, to wall washes, you can customize your landscape with outdoor lighting. Add a soft glow to pathways, create a beautiful lightscape that you can focus on, or simply set the color and brightness of the lights to something that puts you at ease. Experience all the ways you can relax and recharge with our smart outdoor lighting.

Smart Outdoor Lighting For a Home With Personality

You have your moods. Can your home have them too? The answer is yes! Smart outdoor lighting is the best way to make your home truly be a reflection of you and your family.

Welcoming home a newborn? Celebrating a friend’s success? Coming home after retirement? Each moment, big or small, evokes feelings within us. Wouldn’t it be nice if our home could reflect these emotions too? With smart outdoor lighting, it can. Our full-color LED lighting options put color and brightness control in your hands. Schedule lighting to match planned celebrations, or be spontaneous and easily change the lights to match a mood.

You don’t always feel and look the same. Why should your house? With Haven Lighting’s smart outdoor lighting system, your home will have as much personality as you do. (Okay, not as much, but almost!)

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