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    pool landscape lighting

    Your home is an extension of your personality. From big things such as the furniture you select, to the little details such as the art you display, everything about your house mirrors your style. This reflection of your personality is not limited to just the inside of your home. Your landscape and outdoor living areas speak volumes about who you are, and how you live, as well. 

    When it comes to lighting though, we often find ourselves limited by only a handful of boring options. What if we told you there is a way to use landscape lighting to more strongly show your style? Intrigued? Read on!

    Landscape Lighting to Match Your Unique Style

    Whether you define yourself as flamboyant or understated, elegant or moody, or somewhere in between, there is landscape lighting design to match your style. Just like there are parts of your own personality that you want to highlight, landscape lighting is a great way to draw attention to specific details of your yard, garden, and exterior features of your home.


    Landscape Lighting for the Garden Artist

    garden landscape lighting

    You are proud of your garden. You have planned it meticulously. Maybe you’ve planted purple wisteria to go with your green windows, or orange marigold to contrast your gray brick facade. However, you are only able to enjoy the sights of your garden as long as there is daylight! Come nightfall, your garden is shrouded in darkness. 

    Enter: landscape lighting. Not only can you see your garden in a new light (no pun intended), but this lighting adds another layer of personality to your home. Use smart outdoor lighting to try different light colors that match your flowers, or your current mood. Feeling spunky? Try a purple hue. Feeling inspired? Try a shade of orange! 

    Not only does landscape lighting highlight your garden artwork, but it also gives you an opportunity to get more creative. Light up the flowers in combination with a specific area of your house to craft a beautiful living picture frame. Just like an artist's imagination, the ways to use landscape lighting are limitless.



    Landscape Lighting for the Romantic

    courtyard landscape lighting

    Come now, don’t blush! The world needs more romantics. You see beauty in a blooming flower. You find calm watching the sunset.

    Use landscape lighting to extend the number of hours you can relish the spaces you have created. If you are thinking that this style of exterior lighting will drown the ambiance, you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

    Our LED landscape lighting puts brightness and color control in your hands. Choose to wall wash the entrance to your home, or use pathway lights to enhance the romantic ambiance. If you eagerly await the blossoming of specific flowers in your garden, our smart landscape lighting system can be configured to match flower blooming times and seasons. 

    If your home is your canvas, a unique and customizable lighting system is your signature.



    Landscape Lighting for the Practical

    white landscape lighting

    Art and practicality aren’t opposites. At most, they are two sides of the same coin. If you are someone who has considered outdoor landscape lighting, but always felt the effort wasn’t worth it, we hear you. Putting up and taking down the lights or turning them on and off every day is surely time that can be better used elsewhere. 

    This is why we created a fully customizable, controllable, convenient landscape lighting system. You can choose to light up different areas outside your home in exactly the way you want to without having to fiddle around with switches. Set up a schedule for special days such as an anniversary or birthday, mark holidays, express gratitude, or simply accentuate your home and wash it with brightness and color. You can do all this without spending time planning, installing and eventually taking the lights down! 

    Our customizable, color changing outdoor lights can be controlled with a smartphone app. Set a schedule to turn on the lights at sunset and all you need to do is sit back and bask in the glow of your home.



    Landscape Lighting for the Flamboyant

    colorful landscape lighting

    You’ve got a unique personality, so why not shine a light on it? If your friends describe you as exuberant and your parties are the talk of the town, why not take it a notch (or many notches) higher? 

    Landscape lighting is a great way to add more style and personality to your house. Hosting friends and family for a July 4 weekend? Planning a surprise birthday party for your friend? Ready to get into the spirit of spring? Whatever the occasion, there is a landscape lighting design that will enhance it. 

    Pick from different colors to set a theme for an event, or time the color changing outdoor lights to come on at an appropriate moment and surprise someone. Control the brightness to match the energy of the party, or create zoning to let your guests feel awash in the colors they like. 

    If your parties were the talk of the town earlier, our landscape lighting will make them the headline!



    Introducing Haven Lighting

    Whatever our personality, or size of our house, we at Haven Lighting put an immense amount of effort into making sure it not only looks like a home, but feels like a home. Our customizable, app-controlled landscape lighting is designed to welcome you and your loved ones to a space of your own making. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to light up your landscape, planning to celebrate a special occasion, or wanting to add more of yourself to your home, try Haven Lighting’s Smart Lighting Experience.

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