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  • Commercial Outdoor Lighting: Use Color To Bring More Visitors to Your Business

    You may have noticed that your eyes are drawn to some items in supermarket aisles. While the price tag is definitely something you look at, there is another element that pulls your attention to these items over others. 

    In most cases, it’s the packaging. From the font used in the lettering to the shape of the box or bag, we are attracted to how a product looks. 

    Now, think of your own business. Even if you didn’t intentionally give “branding” a thought, the design choices you’ve made reflect your taste and aesthetic. While it is important to reflect your own personality with your brand, it is equally important to consider how you want your customers to feel. 

    You may want them to be intrigued. You may want them to feel comfortable stepping into your business. You may want them to feel excited about trying your products.

    Using outdoor LED lighting is an impactful way to do all this and more. Let’s discuss some ways you can use it to bring more visitors to your business.

    Customize the Colors

    Think back to when you were choosing colors for your business. A certain shade may have made you feel, say, happy or motivated. Color affects our behavior and mood in ways we may not realize. It’s like colors have their own special language that we decipher reflexively rather than consciously. 

    We have science and psychology to thank for the impact color has on consumer behavior. A prospective customer can decide to walk into your business or walk past it based on how the building or window colors make them feel. If you strike the right “color tone,” shoppers feel like you rolled out the welcome mat right at their feet.

    Examples of Color Psychology

    From the digital space to brick-and-mortar stores, companies use color psychology for everything from building awareness to increasing conversion rates. 

    Consider what colors “say.” For instance, white is associated with modernity and youth, while yellow could be associated with celebration. If your business is a spa, or is running a sale, you can incorporate either of these colors through commercial outdoor lighting to communicate your message to your audience. 

    If you can’t decide which colors to use for exterior lighting, think about your objective. You may want to drum up more evening and nighttime business. Use warm colors that invite people in. If you have a sale planned for the near future, add red lights to your exterior color scheme. 

    Own Your Brand

    A huge advantage outdoor LED lighting gives you is the ability to customize color shades easily. When your business has a distinctive identity and value proposition, commercial outdoor lighting enables you to reflect that personality through unique shades. This helps your prospective customers build a specific image of your brand in their minds. It also helps them decide whether they want to know more about you or do business with you.

    You can make a prospective customer’s decision easier by using smart outdoor lighting for brand recall. If you have brand colors, add them to your exterior lighting color scheme. Shine your brand colors on your business sign, so anyone who sees the sign and lights associates your business name with those colors. 

    If you use specific colors on your packaging, use those pigments in your exterior lighting to help customers recall your brand.

    Add a Sense of Celebration with LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting

    Help customers get into the holiday spirit by wrapping your store exterior in a festive color scheme. For example, on the 4th of July, you can light up your business in red, white, and blue. Mother’s Day is a great time to change your LED commercial outdoor lighting to a special array of colors that honors the mothers who shop at or work for your business.

    Other than widely recognized holidays, your community may celebrate special days, local events, or festivals. Show your support by changing your exterior lights to hues that symbolize the unique day. Locals who acknowledge the special time may want to stop inside your store when they notice your light display.
    The right colors can stop potential customers in their tracks and make them want to step into your store. If business dwindles when the sun goes down, upgrade your exterior lighting color scheme.

    Shift Perception of Temperature

    While consistency is vital for any branding endeavors, commercial outdoor lighting’s flexibility means that you can make it work to not only your advantage but also to the advantage of your customers. 

    During warm summer evenings and nights, walking past a store lit up in colors like blues and greens can make passersby feel cooler. Turn your store into an inviting oasis during the warmer months of the year with commercial outdoor LED lighting that changes the perception of temperature. Customers may find themselves drawn to your store in search of some refreshing retail therapy. 

    For the winter, change your color scheme to yellows, oranges, and reds. Fiery colors make potential customers feel warm when the mercury plummets. Consider illuminating store entrances in warm shades to make your business inviting and cozy.

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