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  • Beyond Plants — Use Smart Outdoor Lighting as Yard Decor

    Don’t get us wrong! We love plants, but we are also well aware that not everyone has a green thumb. If you’ve been spending some time hanging out in your yard, daydreaming of decor ideas for your outdoor space, we have some landscaping ideas that go beyond plants. These ideas will add color, personality, and fun to your yard without taking up too much of your time.

    Add a Glow to Your Yard With Smart Outdoor Lighting

    adding warm glow to your yard with landscape lighting

    Isn’t it a wonder to witness your garden transform itself as day turns to night? You see your favorite tree slowly change color from pink to orange as the sun rises. It then stands tall in all its glory as the day progresses before slowly fading into a strong silhouette at dusk. 

    Smart outdoor lighting has a similar effect on your outdoor space. Once the birds and bees have turned in for the night, landscape lighting works its magic to bring your garden to life.

    As darkness falls, the barberry and buckthorn shrubs, the old aspen tree, and even the stone steps in your yard draw your attention, inviting you to take a walk among them. You gain a new sense of freedom where you don’t have to limit yourself to spending time in your garden only during the day time. With smart outdoor lighting, your yard feels like a new space at night. 

    For those who enjoy hosting, adding landscape lighting to your yard is a unique, low-involvement way to add spunk to your event. If you are hosting a party to celebrate an achievement, schedule the lights to go on exactly when you make the big announcement. 

    If you are hosting an intimate dinner for your friends and family, control your lights by changing the color and temperature to match the mood of your gathering. If you have young kids (or adults who are young at heart), scatter path lights in your garden to create a playful ambiance. 

    Smart outdoor lighting is not simply an added feature, it is an accessory that empowers you to express yourself in more ways than one. 

    Use Parts of Your Home as Design Features

    adding focus to design features with landscape lighting

    You know how we often miss out on appreciating the cool spots in our own city? Similarly, when we spend so much of our time at home, we often miss out on recognizing that parts of our home are decor pieces in themselves. 

    A tiny nook along the outside wall of your house is a great place for a sitting corner. A domer window can seem to be straight out of a story book. An elaborate carving can be an art piece by itself. Smart outdoor lighting can help you highlight these features. 

    We may often feel that we should bring in more objects to decorate our yard, when all we may actually need is to throw light on the existing features of our homes. With smart outdoor lighting, you can choose to use different colors for each section that you want to highlight. Select the color and temperature based on the feelings you want to evoke. Maybe a warm yellow for the sitting nook will give the space an approachable feel, a soft purple will give the dormer window a sense of mystery. A dull orange will lend the carvings on the stone wall a feeling of opulence. 

    With smart outdoor lighting, your home and its special features have the potential to stand their own as decor pieces. 

    Bring in Objects That Do Double Duty

    adding lighting to your water feature

    One of the most satisfying parts of having a yard is the opportunity we get to interact with nature. If you enjoy watching the birds and animals that call your garden home (or their hangout zone), bring in decor objects that also double up as an oasis for them.

    A small fountain is a great multi-purpose piece. Its flowing water allows it to become a zen space for you in the evening. It can turn into a stunning centerpiece for your yard at night if you illuminate it with smart outdoor lighting. 

    Similarly, a scattering of driftwood adds a lot of texture and interest to your yard. You can use it as a planter or keep it as it is and watch squirrels use it as a perch. Come nightfall, smart outdoor lighting can help it turn into an intriguing art piece. 

    With landscape lighting, you can find unique ways to add visual interest and more personality to your yard.

    Smart Outdoor Lighting From Haven

    At Haven, we view lighting not simply as a source of illumination, but as a way to add more character to your home. Our smart outdoor lighting fixtures are easily customizable through the Haven Lighting App. So go ahead and dream up yard decor ideas in technicolor, because at Haven, we are equipped to help you turn your dream into a reality.

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