9 Series Pro Full Color 14W Aluminum LED Up Lights


    Up lights are perfect when used on a 1 to 2 story home and small/medium- sized trees up to 25 feet. Sleek and modern, our LED aluminum up light comes with 4 lens angle options and creates the perfect color changing outdoor lighting to accent a property’s distinct features. These lights encourage expression and depth in landscapes while increasing a property’s overall value. Powerful and refined, these up lights are available in two diameters and feature:

    • Integrated LEDs that are easily replaceable without removing the fixtures

    • 4 different lens angles for the ultimate versatility

    • Infinite vertical tilt up to 270 degrees

    • Haven Lighting anti-moisture connections

    Voltage 12V – 15V AC
    Wattage 14W
    Max Voltage 16V AC
    Brightness 10 Levels
    Lens Angle Options 15°, 25°, 45° and 60° (included)
    Full Color Options 32 Colors
    Classic White Color Temperature 8 Temperatures
    Transformer 9 Series Pro Smart Transformer required (sold separately)

    Spec Sheet   
    1 x 9 Series Pro Full Color 14W Aluminum LED Up Light
    2 x Stakes & Fastener Nuts
    2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts
  • These aluminum up lights maintain a low profile but add high impact to your color changing outdoor lighting design. Light up tall trees, walkways, pool lounge areas, and more. In addition to aesthetics, our up lights are also controllable from a smartphone. Its versatility, ease of installation, operation, and maintenance make this one of our most popular color changing outdoor lights. With 32 colors and 8 brightness temperatures to choose from, these aluminum up lights will add contrast to your landscape and the exterior of your building. Select from 10 brightness levels to easily move from a subtle everyday look to a brighter party look.

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