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  • 9 Series Pro Full Color LED Path Light - Shade 1


      Use color changing outdoor lighting to create a safe, wandering path of light to guide guests to the door and throughout the property. Our path lights make a yard seem larger by framing it. Inviting and effective, path lights increase security and safety while maximizing charm and appeal. These path lights will fit the unique style and architectural elegance of any outdoor living area. These lights feature:

      • Integrated LED design

      • Anti-moisture connections

      • Secure lock shades

      Voltage 12V – 15V AC
      Wattage 6W
      Max Voltage 15V AC
      Brightness 10 Levels
      Full Color Options 32 Colors
      Classic White Color Temperature 8 Temperatures
      Transformer 9 Series Pro Smart Transformer required (sold separately)

    • IN THE BOX
      1 x 9 Series Pro Full Color LED Path Light
      1 x Shade 1
      1 x Standard Stake
      2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts
    • Path lights are a great addition to residential and commercial spaces, offering practical and aesthetic benefits. Use these color changing outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate walkways, driveways, and entryways. Path lights also inspire a warm ambiance, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests and customers. Use them in residential settings to highlight garden beds and trees or create a charming pathway through your yard. In commercial settings, guide visitors to building entrances or light up a pathway to a hotel pool or outdoor dining area with path lights. Whether you're illuminating outdoor signage or enjoying a quiet evening in the garden, Haven path lights provide the perfect lighting solution for any occasion.

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