Certified Partner Tiers

Partner Benefits:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
Level 1 Discount
Level 2 Discount
Level 3 Discount
Yearly Training
Industry-leading Support
Sales Growth Data
Follow Up On All Leads Given
Partner Feedback
Branding Assets For Quoting and More
Link to Installer on Haven Website
Marketing Support
First Point of Contact with Lead
Quarterly Review Meetings
Dedicated Webpage on Haven Website
Learn More
Learn More

What Makes a Good Partner?

Good Partner:

Bad Partner:

Sells on differentiation
Sells on price
Values support
Values low cost product model
Values great products
Nothing matters more than the sale
Cares greatly about their reputation
Cares about profit more than reputation
Openly discusses product ideas
Doesn't value technology
Communicates customer's frustrations
Doesn't empathize with customer's frustrations
Communicates market opportunities
Rushes through jobs and doesn't see opportunities
Develops personal connections with customers
Doesn't take time to learn the customer's goals
Develops personal relationships with our employees
Views vendors as a commodity
Shares goals and vision of their company
Always focused on the next order and never long term big picture
Open to new ideas
Inflexible to trying new things
Views vendor relationships as a team
Views vendor relationships as transactional
Expects greatness
Expects average

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