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    Getting the best landscape lighting for your home is only part of the equation. The other part is finding the right professionals to bring your vision to life. No matter the size of your project, you invest time and money to find the perfect outdoor lighting, so it’s important you pick the best installer for outdoor lighting.

    As leading developers and builders of outdoor lighting, we have worked with several clients and landscape lighting installers and want to share some tips that will come in handy while selecting an installer for your outdoor lighting. Would rather watch a video? Head on over to our YouTube channel.

    Before we get into the “how,” let’s discuss why it’s important to select the right installer for your outdoor lighting.

    Why Is Selecting the Right Outdoor Lighting Installer So Important?

    Here’s why choosing the most qualified installer for outdoor lighting is so essential:

    • Protect Your Investment: Finding the best landscape lighting installer protects the time and money you invested in finding the right outdoor lighting products.
    • Safety & Regulation Compliance: Reputable installers stay updated on the latest landscape lighting safety best practices and regulations.
    • Quality of Work: Professional installers know how to achieve flawless results, ensuring lighting fixtures look great once they’re set up, enhance your property, and are protected against wear and tear.
    • Post-Installation Services: Once your landscape lighting system is up and running, an installer can keep it performing at its best with ongoing maintenance. Proper upkeep is essential for protecting the system and its warranty.

    Factors To Consider When Selecting an Installer for Outdoor Lighting

    Transparency and Trust


    Landscape lighting installations don’t always go according to plan. From delays and improper wiring to poor fixture placement, you may run into setbacks while transforming your property.

    Choosing a trustworthy outdoor lighting expert is important. While exploring your options, ask installers for references. Then, ask those past customers if anything unexpected happened during their lighting project and how the installer handled it. The sign of a great installer is the ability to pivot and navigate setbacks without losing too much momentum.

    Solution Provider

    You want someone who provides solutions rather than just an installer or someone who sells lighting fixtures. A proper solution provider goes beyond the basic installation process and offers comprehensive services to meet your needs.

    For instance, an installer who provides solutions takes the time to understand your goals and preferences and your landscape’s unique characteristics. They collaborate with you to create a customized lighting design that enhances your property’s beauty and aligns with your vision.

    Add-On Services

    While you may only want a few uplights, downlights, and path lights for your garden or business, you may want to expand later. For example, perhaps you’d like to install an audio system and add to your outdoor space’s ambiance with music.

    Look for an installer for outdoor lighting who can integrate add-on services into your landscape lighting design seamlessly. That way, you can work with a provider you have a relationship with when you’re ready to install an audio system or another add-on service.

    Pricing Structure

    What may seem like a great outdoor lighting deal on the surface could be a waste of money upon further inspection. While considering your options for an installer for outdoor lighting, understand how the pricing model works and what you’re paying for.

    Look for a professional who provides transparent pricing and clearly outlines what is included in their services. This helps you understand the breakdown of costs and avoid hidden fees and unexpected expenses. Also, consider the installer’s quality of materials. While lower prices may be appealing, they could indicate the use of subpar products that may not withstand outdoor conditions.

    Installer’s Timeline

    path lights

    The installer's ability to meet your desired timeline can impact your overall experience and satisfaction with the installation process. Ask about the installer's availability to ensure they can accommodate your project within the desired timeframe. Also, consider whether they can stick to the proposed timeline and whether they over-promise and under-deliver. When contacting references to identify potential red flags, these are great questions.

    Outdoor lighting installation can be weather-dependent, especially if it involves digging, trenching, or other outdoor work. Discuss how the installer handles inclement weather and whether they have contingency plans to avoid unnecessary delays.

    Business Longevity

    While gathering information on installers, find out how much experience they have. Knowing how long the installation company’s been in business can provide valuable insights into its reliability, expertise, and ability to deliver satisfactory results.

    Another reason to consider business longevity is that a long-standing outdoor lighting installer is more likely to have a strong reputation within the industry and the local community. Positive reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth recommendations are indicators of reliability and quality of work.

    Ability To Answer Questions

    How many lighting fixtures do you need to illuminate your property optimally? Should you install deck lights or LED feature lights to highlight your architectural features? These are questions an installer for outdoor lighting should have answers to.

    A reliable professional will prioritize your understanding and ensure you feel comfortable and informed throughout the installation. It could be a red flag if someone is unwilling to provide answers or can’t give you a direct response.

    Enhance Your Outdoor Experience With the Right Lighting Installer

    The Future is Smart

    Choosing the right installer for outdoor lighting is crucial to transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional environment. For more tips on selecting the most qualified installer for your home or business, download our free white paper, “How to Select an Outdoor Lighting Installer.” We’ll also host an informative training session for outdoor lighting installers during our The Future is Smart three-day event. This session will provide installers with valuable information on installing Haven Lighting products and open you up to new business opportunities. If you are an installer, you should consider signing up soon!

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