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  • How To Use LED Strips To Light Up Your Apartment Community Pool

    Summer season is also outdoor season! For apartment communities, this is a great time to show off your outdoor spaces and encourage residents to enjoy the amenities.

    As we ditch the winter jackets and clothes, let’s also ditch lackluster pool and lounge areas. An uninspiring pool doesn’t impress your current residents. Nor does it attract potential tenants, leading to missed renewal and lead opportunities.

    LED strips

    One of the most convenient and impactful ways for property managers to uplevel their pool areas is to use high-quality lighting. Haven Lighting’s LED strips are the perfect solution for transforming your pool from just another amenity to the best venue in the neighborhood.

    With Haven's customizable solutions, you can inspire a spa-like environment, mesmerize residents, enhance pool parties and events, welcome new and potential tenants with accent lighting, and more — all while the Haven mobile app gives you full control of the light’s duration, intensity, and color. Commercial outdoor lighting maximizes the enjoyment of any apartment community pool area, and Haven Lighting can help you create an unforgettable experience for your residents.

    Inspire a Spa-Like Experience With Customized Commercial Outdoor Lighting

    Pools are a natural spot for relaxation, and LED strips are versatile lights that create a peaceful, ambient glow that instantly inspires a relaxed spa-like atmosphere.

    The Haven mobile app makes it convenient for property managers to program and schedule spa-days for residents. With just a few taps, you can dim the pool area lights to a soft and tranquil glow, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that transports residents to a cozy oasis. Additionally, you can add a touch of luxury to your pool by installing LED lights behind a waterfall or a similar water feature to let the water catch and reflect the light. The gentle illumination will elevate the relaxing ambiance and give your residents the perfect spot to unwind and destress.

    Enhance Pool Parties and Community Events With Color Changing Lighting

    LED Strips

    Transform your community's pool parties and special events into unforgettable experiences with commercial outdoor lighting. LED strip lights create a captivating atmosphere that amplifies the celebration and complements the special occasion's mood and theme.

    Program Haven LED lights to create a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere to impress residents and guests (who could become tenants after attending one of your community's special events!). You can install LED strips around the pool's perimeter to create a festive vibe.

    Customize the colors to match the event's theme, such as a red-white-and-blue color combination for the 4th of July or a resident's favorite colors for a birthday party. Additionally, you can set up a photo booth area with LED strips as a backdrop, providing guests with a fun way to take photos and capture memories of the event. Our app capabilities provide a wide range of capabilities beyond these examples, allowing you to easily program and customize the lighting in your community's pool to create unique and memorable celebrations and events for residents and guests.

    Make Navigation Easier With Pool Perimeter Lighting

    Transform your apartment community's pool area into a safe, welcoming space for night-time swims with Haven’s functional LED strip lighting. Place our high-quality dimmable lights at key navigation points like ladders and stairs. By providing optimal visibility, tenants can enjoy night swims with a sense of security.

    Haven's adjustable smart lighting fixtures make it easy to light up the pool perimeter in style without creating blinding glares. So whether your guests take a dip late in the evening or want to relax by the poolside, they can navigate the area confidently with the help of LED commercial outdoor lighting.

    Welcome New & Potential Tenants With Accent Lighting

    accent lighting

    Creating an inviting and visually stunning environment is crucial to attracting new tenants and keeping current residents happy. One way to achieve this is through accent lighting. By positioning LED strips behind key pool features, such as a jacuzzi or poolside firepit, you can create a stunning halo effect that draws the eye to the feature's beauty. This lighting technique enhances your pool and creates a welcoming ambiance that potential and current tenants will love.

    With Haven’s customizable commercial outdoor lighting options, you can schedule colorful light shows to activate during tours, making your property stand out and giving potential residents an extra incentive to choose your community. You can also welcome current tenants to the swimming pool with a dazzling light show that makes them feel at home.

    Make a Splash With Commercial Outdoor Lighting From Haven Lighting

    Whether you want to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, elevate pool parties and events, or make your apartment community's pool area easier to navigate, Haven Lighting's LED strips are the perfect solution. With programmable, color-changing lighting options and easy-to-use smart controls, you can transform the pool into an unforgettable destination that delights current residents and impresses potential tenants. Explore Haven's color commercial outdoor lighting applications and see how easy it is to enhance your apartment community's pool area.

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