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  • Beyond Beauty: The Benefits of Permanent Outdoor Lighting

    For those of us seeking to enhance the allure of our residences, create a sense of community pride, and elevate outdoor spaces, the power of permanent outdoor lighting is an often overlooked solution. It's the missing piece that not only illuminates a property, but also turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary places for conversation, relaxation, and celebration.

    The trend of permanent outdoor lighting is on the rise, and for good reason. With permanent outdoor lighting, you can transcend the limitations of the sun's schedule, highlight your property’s best features, and make it more attractive to guests, residents, or passersby.

    outdoor LED lighting

    Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or an HOA member, Haven’s permanent outdoor lights help you maximize the transformative power of landscape lighting for your property.

    We specialize in seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics with our trusted expertise and experience to provide automated outdoor LED lighting solutions.

    From improved safety and captivating aesthetics to the creation of extended outdoor living areas and increased energy efficiency, we will explore the many advantages permanent outdoor lighting brings to your property.

    Increased Safety & Security With Smart Technology

    smart technology

    There’s a simple, beautiful way to create a more secure, welcoming environment for guests, residents, and visitors: permanent outdoor lighting. By strategically positioning lights around entrances, exits, highly trafficked spaces, and common areas, you can effectively enhance your property’s safety and attractiveness.

    Haven’s landscape lighting elevates this advantage with smart technology. You can program lights to activate during specific times, such as at the beginning of business hours or when you’re ready to start a gathering with friends and family. Scheduling lights to turn on and off ensures a secure environment and makes permanent outdoor lighting more energy efficient.

    Lighting fixtures can also illuminate hazards, enabling clear visibility for everything from package deliveries to evening strolls. Install Haven’s path lights or tiki torch lights for maximum visibility around staircases, steps, parking lots, driveways, and swimming pools.

    Extend Outdoor Living Areas With Permanent Outdoor Lighting

    The limitations of indoor spaces become a thing of the past with permanent outdoor lighting. With landscape lighting, you can extend outdoor living spaces like patios, decks, rooftop terraces, and poolside areas. Imagine outside meals, relaxation sessions, community events, and more with perfectly illuminated outdoor living areas imbued with a dynamic ambiance.

    Haven’s permanent outdoor lighting fixtures do more than extend living areas, they also make them more exciting.

    Using the Haven mobile app, you can change the color and intensity of your lights to match your occasion or desired mood. Community pools become soothing spas where residents can relax and enjoy soft lighting. Backyard parties become lively events with a quick, easy adjustment of your lights. Whether you're hosting a vibrant soirée or seeking a tranquil retreat, Haven's permanent outdoor lighting fixtures offer endless possibilities to enhance and elevate outdoor living areas.

    Increased Curb Appeal With Strategically Placed Lighting Fixtures

    Commercial building owners

    Kick lackluster building facades to the curb and give your property a glow-up with permanent outdoor lighting. Strategically placed lighting fixtures turn outdoor spaces into showpieces, using vibrant light and advanced LED technology to showcase lush landscaping and beautiful architectural features.

    Commercial building owners can continue attracting customers after sunset with permanent outdoor lighting positioned near storefront windows, signage, and entrances. Homeowners can show a different side of their exterior decor with an eye-catching light show that delights the entire neighborhood. Haven provides endless opportunities to showcase your property’s best features with functional smart lighting.

    Improved Efficiency With Programmable Controls

    “Efficiency” and “smart” have become buzzwords in landscape lighting, but at Haven, they are a part of our DNA. With smart and efficient permanent outdoor lighting, you seamlessly blend functionality and sustainability. Haven’s programmable smart landscape lighting system optimizes energy usage, reduces energy spending, and saves time. This is all possible with a user-friendly mobile app that lets you completely control your landscape lighting system from anywhere.

    With Haven’s programmable controls, lights are only on when they’re needed. For example, business owners can schedule lights to activate when employees arrive to open the store or program them to stay off during recognized holidays throughout the year. Haven’s advanced interface also accounts for shifting sunset and sunrise hours, ensuring your lights don’t turn on or off too early or too late as the seasons change.

    Enhanced Aesthetics With LED Lighting Technology

    up lights

    Imagine having an outdoor space that radiates effortless elegance and charm. Permanent outdoor lighting goes beyond functional lighting — it also highlights landscape features, makes outdoor spaces more inviting, and adds colorful touches of elegance to your property. And with Haven’s cutting-edge LED lighting technology, you can accentuate property features with sharp, crisp light in your favorite colors.

    From guiding guests along walkways with path lights to highlighting architectural details, outdoor lighting fixtures inspire an inviting atmosphere that captivates passersby and visitors alike. You can add depth and character to outdoor spaces with the best light fixtures for the application. For instance, draw the eye to beautiful building facades, trees, plants, and signage with up lights. Aiming the beam upward accentuates the height of landscape features, adding a touch of drama.

    Maximize Your Space With Haven Permanent Outdoor Lighting

    Enhance your space’s fullest potential with permanent outdoor lighting! With Haven Lighting's smart landscape lighting solutions, the power to transform your space into a work of art, captivate passersby, and leave a lasting impression on visitors is all in the palm of your hand. To give your property the ultimate makeover, see all our outdoor LED lighting solutions.

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