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  • Stratus Transformer with App Control

    • The Stratus is the smartest low voltage landscape lighting transformer on the market. Take all the guess work out of making sure your lights come on when you want them to. Simple scheduling with the Haven app is all it takes. With our Automatic Time Adjustment feature, you won't need to worry about sunrise and sunset times changing throughout the year. It even adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. You'll never be frustrated with antiquated lighting technology again. Turn your existing landscape lighting system into a 'smart' system. No Timers. No Light Sensors. Just Easy.

      Installation Guide   

      Helpful Videos and Resources   
      Voltage 120V AC
      Power Options 150W, 300W
      Output Voltage 15V AC

      Spec Sheet   

      Note: This Transformer works with any low voltage Landscape Lighting.

      Selecting Proper Wattage: Select the proper transformer wattage by adding all light(s) wattage ratings together.

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