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  • Warm Up Your Apartment Community With Firepit Lighting

    Managing an apartment community isn’t as easy as it looks. There are occupancy rates to achieve, vendors and teams to manage, and residents to satisfy. Forward-thinking apartment managers know that the combination of amenities and service goes a long way in ensuring current residents stay happy and prospective residents are attracted to a community.

    If, like most apartments, your community has an outdoor gathering place such as a firepit, then using colored landscape lighting to enhance it can make a world of a difference. Not only does firepit lighting give your residents more reasons to enjoy their outdoor space, but it also gives your community an elevated look.

    Firepit Lighting: Give Your Apartment Landscape Lighting a Modern Appeal

    color fire pit lighting

    Ask most apartment managers and they will say that curb appeal is one of the most impactful ways to attract prospective residents. When the outside of your community is inviting, it makes people curious about the interior. It’s no wonder then that the best apartment communities invest in providing top-notch amenities such as expansive swimming pools and firepits for their residents.
    If you find your firepit being under-utilized, a simple solution like firepit lighting can turn the tide around.

    With Haven Lighting’s high-quality firepit lighting solutions and the 9 Series Pro interface, your apartment community can encourage more residents to enjoy their outdoor amenities. Here are some ways to do just that.

    Attract & Retain Residents With Firepit Lighting

    There is no dearth of apartment communities in our cities and suburbs. What there is, is a dearth of a sense of comfort and community.

    By introducing firepit lighting, you introduce a natural gathering spot for your residents. After all, no one wants to ignore a beautifully decked-up area that also keeps them warm. Haven Lighting’s outdoor lighting solutions enable you to select the light colors you want. Not only is this an excellent feature for every day, but makes special, celebratory occasions more fun.

    When the time for lease renewals comes, you can be sure your current residents will not want to leave an apartment community that invests in making them feel at home.

    Similarly, when potential residents search for an apartment, they look for the details. On the face of it, every apartment community can look the same, but the amenities and services you provide can help you stand apart. High-quality firepit lighting has the potential to delight prospective residents, especially if you use the Haven mobile app to create unique light shows.

    Extend & Enhance the Seasons With Firepit Lighting

    Lower temperatures can put a dampener on your outdoor amenities, but the right lighting can change that. Give residents an incentive to spend their evenings and nights around the firepit with scheduled light shows that make the seasons more dynamic.

    You can easily program seasonal light displays to start and end on certain days of the year, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving And you don’t have to remember to start or stop the light shows — it happens automatically!

    With a few taps of the app, you can enhance your firepit with a blue and white glow to welcome winters or a warm red-and-gold glow to represent autumn. Your residents will love how the fire keeps them warm and the landscape lighting delights their senses.

    Create a Dazzling Living Space With Firepit Lighting

    fire pit lighting

    Without a doubt, firepits extend living spaces. In apartment communities, the amenity becomes a second living room, one where there’s the promise of fresh air, the chance to spark a conversation, and the opportunity to get away from it all. Firepit lighting from Haven upgrades your residents’ living space by transforming it into a dazzling social spot.

    You can invite residents to create their own light displays in their desired color scheme on special occasions, like birthdays. Not only does this give renters a sense of ownership in where they live, but it also raises the benchmark of your service standards.

    Create a Social Hub With Firepit Lighting

    Fire’s flickering flames and welcoming warmth invite us to relax and soak up the light and color. Firepits create a natural hub where your residents can gather to make new friends and catch up with old ones while enjoying the fire’s magic together. Haven’s firepit lighting adds a modern touch to a classic pastime, creating an exciting hangout spot where residents can bask near the fire in style.

    Imagine hosting special events at the firepit with light displays as a colorful backdrop. From community BBQs and movie nights to Super Bowl parties and costume contests, gatherings are more enjoyable when backlit by full-color LED lights. Just don’t be surprised when people outside your community want to join in on the fun!

    Enhance Your Community With Firepit Lighting From Haven

    Firepits have been a staple of apartment living for decades. But with Haven’s advanced technology, firepit lighting turns the amenity into a jaw-dropping showpiece. Bring residents together and make your community stand out with the 9 Series Pro.

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