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  • Color LED Lighting for Restaurants: Make Guests Feel Welcome With These Bar Lighting Ideas

    Delectable dishes. Check. Tantalizing drinks. Check. Inviting decor. Check! Your bar has everything it needs to attract guests, but there may still be more opportunities to raise the bar on the standard bar experience.

    Bar and restaurant LED lighting from Haven elevates your establishment’s atmosphere and creates a mood that surpasses the regular bar visit. With our smartphone app, signature user experience, and cutting-edge Haven 9 Series Pro color changing outdoor lighting system, you’ll enjoy a variety of new and exciting ways to attract guests and make your bar the place to be.


    Light Up Special Occasions With LED Lighting

    Elevate occasions like restaurant weeks, Mother's Day, and trivia nights with Haven's LED lighting. Our light fixtures can transform your restaurant bar into a festive event space that draws attention. Use them to create a memorable atmosphere for your guests and make their experience one of a kind. Here are a few ways you can use our lights to turn your bar into a party venue that will have guests gushing with praise:

    • Use the Haven Mobile app to create customized, one-of-a-kind light displays to commemorate the occasion. You can change the lights’ color and brightness from anywhere with just a few taps to keep the party energy high.
    • Pre-program a light show before the special occasion. This will ensure you can focus on taking care of guests while the lights run seamlessly in the background.
    • Install different light fixtures to create your desired party vibe. For example, up lights, and down lights are perfect for spotlight effects, and wall sconces are great for accent lighting that attracts passersby.


    Set the Mood With Perfect Lighting

    Some establishments serve up the perfect food and drinks, but fail to pair that with an ambiance that invites lingering. Don’t be that place!

    Match your ambiance with your culinary standards. Make your restaurant bar a place where guests want to stay longer. Here are a few ways you can use Haven’s LED lighting to create an inviting mood for your guests:

    Adjust the lights depending on the time of the day. This creates the perfect amount of light that's not too bright or too dim, ensuring a comfortable and inviting atmosphere all day long. The best part is that you use the Haven Lighting app to schedule the light displays to turn on and off automatically.
    Create a unique bar experience with an arrangement of capstone lights in your establishment's signature colors. The mobile app makes it quick and easy to create your brand color scheme or design a new one.
    Adjust the light’s intensity and hue to complement the weather. For example, tone down lighting on sunny days to let warm sunrays shine through your bar, or add dynamic splashes of color to lighten the mood when the sky’s overcast.


    Keep Your Guests Coming Back By Creating a Memorable Dining Experience

    bar and restaurant commercial lighting

    Make your guests' dining experience unforgettable with Haven's LED lighting. Enhance the atmosphere and set the mood for a fun night out, leaving guests raving about your bar’s food, drinks, and ambiance. With our LED lights, you'll elevate the “wow” factor during mealtime and make sure every detail of the dining experience is perfect. Our lighting system empowers you to:

    • Create the perfect atmosphere for guests’ dining experience with neutral lighting – bright enough to see every delicious detail of the food (and everyone around the table) clearly.
    • Set the stage for an unforgettable experience in your bar’s dining area. For instance, soft, inviting colors add warmth to table tops and menus while brightening wall art.
    • Make your bar stand out from other establishments with a touch of flare. Mix things up and experiment with funky, classy, and modern LED lighting displays.


    Upgrade Your Decor With Bar Lighting

    Creating the right ambiance is crucial for your guests' experience. With Haven Lighting, you can up level your decor without shutting down for upgrades. Skip the costly and time-consuming renovations and opt for LED lighting to upgrade your bar’s look. With LED lighting, it’s easy to:

    • Install upgraded light fixtures that match your bar’s aesthetic and give your establishment a fresh look.
    • Eliminate “good enough” lighting that doesn’t match the depth of color and play of light you want.
    • Create various moods by programming different displays throughout the day — something more refreshing for the hustle and bustle of weekdays, and a laid-back vibe for the weekend crowd.


    Help Guests Find Their Way With LED Lighting

    LED color lighting on a restaurant

    Eliminate confusion by incorporating LED lighting for easy navigation. With Haven's LED lights, you can improve your bar's ambiance and guide patrons to exits, entrances, the patio, and more, ensuring a positive experience for all. Use LED lighting to orient guests by:

    Programming separate light zones with the smartphone app to direct guests to different areas of your bar and restaurant, like the main dining area.
    Enhancing key areas such as stairways and walkways with neutral-colored lights to ensure maximum visibility.

    Creating a cohesive lighting design throughout the venue that guides guests through the space and helps them find their way.


    Raise The Bar on Your Restaurant Bar With Haven Lighting

    Upgrade your bar’s look and feel with Haven’s revolutionary LED lighting system for bars and restaurants. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, from romantic dinners to champagne brunches and special events. With high-quality lights and modern aesthetics, you'll create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. So say goodbye to "good enough" lighting and elevate your space with Haven Lighting. Contact us to learn more about our fully customizable color changing outdoor lighting system.

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