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    Haven Lighting is proud to offer real-life looking renderings of your residential or commercial property. We have a team of designers that either import or can draw from scratch in a virtual 3D rendering. Once we have drawn the surfaces that will be lit on the property and added a few surroundings to match the environment, we add our lights to your virtual property. 

    Our Outdoor Lighting Design Services Go Above and Beyond

    This Haven 3D rendering gives our customers the ability to see in detail what their property will look like once the design is implemented. This allows our customers to buy with confidence knowing that their end result will look almost exactly like the 3D rendering.

    The Haven Lighting virtual world renderings allow our customers to vision their property as it will look from any angle. We can even create a “walk through” rendering to create a vision of how visitors will view the property as they walk around the premises. This style of design is much different than 2D design files offered by most designers and architects. It is also many years advanced to taking a picture and adding masking layers and generic triangles to resemble the lights.


    Plan and create a vision of Main St., Economic Development areas or Municipal Buildings. Many municipalities use these virtual renderings to obtain budget approval and for economic development planning and corporate recruitment. The Haven 3D renderings provide a great way to generate corporate excitement about the plans and developments of the municipality. They also provide a vision of the future and create a forward-looking, technology-based plan that corporations are looking for when they are investing in infrastructure.

    Cloud Based Controls

    The Haven Lighting control system is all cloud-based which allows for remote access to your facilities lighting system from anywhere. The system can be programmed, scheduled and controlled from any device as long as you have internet access. This allows our customers the ultimate flexibility and ease of use whether you are managing a building remotely or are on site. Your ability to control and manage the lighting system is the same.


    Our cloud-based lighting control system allows us to provide fantastic support. We can see the entire setup of your lighting system from our offices and help you with setup and programming remotely. We can also provide setup and programming services for companies that do not have the time and resources to manage the system themselves. Our goal is to provide the ultimate lighting experience for you and your customers helping you differentiate your business.

    Leasing Options

    Haven Lighting offers a variety of options for our customers. We can tailor your lighting system exactly to your needs and requirements. As part of this dedication to customer service, we offer a leasing model that some customers prefer when it comes to their facility outdoor lighting systems. This leasing model offers several advantages over traditional lighting purchases. It offers the following advantages:

    • Tax advantages in some cases (expense vs. capital equipment)
    • Cash flow advantages
    • Keeping up with technology (when the lease term expires, renewing a new lease gives the opportunity to update any technology that may have come to market since the installation)

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