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    When it comes to LED landscape lighting there are many options to choose from. The key is to know which is the best option for your situation and application or project. I want to share how the WiFi full color landscape lighting system works. You can also find our video and a simple diagram below that shares visually how the system works.

    There are four key elements to our system;

    1. Haven Smartphone App - Allows you to command and interact with your system.

    2. Haven Cloud Server - Securely stores your lighting schedule and account preferences.

    3. Haven Smart/Wifi Transformer - Communicates over your home’s WiFi network with the Haven Cloud Server and stores your latest preferences.

    4. Haven Lights - Always ready to execute and retain your last command. 

    The Haven Wifi landscape lighting system uses the Haven Smartphone App to communicate commands to your lights. You can use the Haven App in various ways to interact with your WiFi LED lighting system. Specific functions of the Haven App are;

    • Adding a new device to your account

    (for example: You decide to add landscape lighting in your backyard, or around a new project, like a fire pit, you can add one or more WiFi transformers easily.)

    • Scheduling events and setting up zones

    (Don’t miss St. Patrick’s Day, set your lights to change at midnight on the 16th and wake up to the house in green to remind your neighbors it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Schedule it and the house will turn every year. Check out our Zoning Series videos to learn about setting up zones)

    • Real time control over your landscape lights.

     (It’s Family Friday at your house, change the lights around the pool from white to blue and set the party atmosphere.)

    The commands you send your lights from the Haven App go to the Haven Cloud Server. There are many benefits to having your account information and schedule on the Haven Cloud Server. For example:

    • Extremely secure.

    The Haven Cloud server stores your specific account information and schedule in a Microsoft Cloud Server environment with security and privacy protocols in place. 

    • Allows control from anywhere.

    If you have two homes with lighting installed, a vacation and residence, you can control both anywhere in the world you have a WiFi signal.

    • Allows for remote support.

    If you experience issues, many times we can reach out and let you know before it becomes a problem. 

    • Quickly retrieves your information.

    Your stored schedule and account information sync with the transformer automatically, so if a power outage occurs your lights will still receive their appropriate command.

    • On Time. Every Time. 

    The server stores the local times and updates for Daylight Savings Time. So there is no need to mess with lousy timers or sensors.

    Once the Cloud server receives the command, the command goes to the Haven Smart/Wifi Transformer through your home wireless network. The smart transformer is the heart and brain of our full color landscape lighting system. Unlike most other LED landscape lighting systems, the Haven Smart/Wifi Transformer enables; 

    • Lights to work in any project or application independent of distance or obstructions.

    • Control of one or multiple locations from anywhere.

    • Communication command over the same wire that powers your lights making installation the same as any other landscape lights.

    The final system elements are the lights. Haven lights are always ready to execute and retain your command. So have a little fun, change colors, make zones and schedule events. Your friends and family will love it!

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