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    Binning is a sorting process. Once the LEDs are manufactured, they are sorted by color. For example, there are 27 different “bins” or color sorts in the LEDs we use in our lighting solely for the white color 2700K. That’s right, 27 different colors of 2700K. The tighter the range of color you want to buy, the more expensive the LED becomes. For instance, if you want a batch of LEDs and agree to a batch that is a variety of 7 of the 27 colors, that is much cheaper than buying bin #3 only. Or maybe you want a batch that can be any of the 27 sorting bins. This is cheaper still. However, your colors from light to light will vary. When we purchase our white LEDs, we purchase a single bin. This is the most expensive option, but it provides the highest consistency of white color. Below are examples of Haven Lighting white LEDs from one bin versus a brand-new, high-end installation that used a competitive product that clearly has a wide range of LED binning.

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