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  • LED Color Christmas Lights for Your Home or Business Exterior

    alternating green and red color landscape lights

    One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Christmas is the sight of twinkling lights. Lights add to the feeling of wonder during this most wonderful time of the year.

    While decking up your home or business in color-changing Christmas lights is a tradition, breaking a sweat doesn’t need to be. Give yourself the gift of smart landscape lighting with color-changing Christmas lights from Haven Lighting and do away with the hassle of unpacking, untangling, hanging, or replacing your Christmas lights.

    With our full-color LED lights and easy-to-use smartphone app, your home, business, or community can become a beautifully lit wonderland of joy and celebration. Create new traditions and find new ways to enjoy old ones with color-changing LED Christmas lights from Haven Lighting.

    Why Use Haven’s Color-Changing Christmas Lights?

    smart landscape lighting with smartphone app control

    App-Controlled Convenience

    Our smartphone app has everything you need to program a festive light show for your home, schedule a holiday lighting event for your HOA community, or delight customers with a seasonal light display.

    Useful Color Choices

    Add white, gold, and any other color you desire to the standard red-and-green holiday color scheme. Our LED Christmas lights give you a broad range of color options.

    Zoning Options

    Create individual light zones for different landscape areas to light up your property the way you want. Changes in one zone won’t affect others, and you can program separate scenes or events in individual zones.

    Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

    Once we’ve installed your color-changing LED Christmas lights, you’ll have them up and running with our app in no time. There’s no complicated prep work, and Haven’s cloud-based support system provides solutions in real time when you need us.

    Color Changing Christmas Lights Add a Spark to Your Celebration

    Make Your Landscape Joyful With Color Changing Christmas Lights

    commercial christmas landscape lighting

    The only thing better than waking up on Christmas morning to a fresh fall of snow is watching your home light up and become a holiday showpiece. With color-changing Christmas lights from Haven, shaky ladders, thick layers of clothing, and lengthy light setups no longer need to be part of your holiday light tradition.

    Schedule your smart landscape lighting system to go into full Christmas mode on December 1st. With our generous selection of up, well, down, and path lights, you have plenty of ways to show off your Christmas yard decorations.

    Boost Business With Color-Changing Christmas Lights

    Get your team and customers in the holiday spirit by brightening your business’s exterior with color-changing LED Christmas lights. Light up signage, patios, entrances, lobbies, storefronts, and more with programmed light displays. Let customers know it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s deals with a unique holiday color scheme.

    Not only do we make color-changing Christmas lights festive, but we also make them functional. Create lighting zones to ensure your parking lot, employee entrances and exits, and walkways are brightly lit while the rest of your property lets everyone know your holiday celebration is in full force.

    Make Your Community Sparkle With Color Changing Christmas Lights

    HOA and tree landscape lighting with multiple colors

    Give visitors a joyful first impression of your community with color-changing LED Christmas lights for your HOA entrance. You can come together with the rest of the HOA board to choose a holiday color scheme representing your community. With full-color LED feature lights, you can illuminate your community’s monument-style sign with white lights one night and with colorful lights the next.

    The Haven app makes it simple to enjoy the holidays more and put in less work to make your community glisten like tinsel. By scheduling light displays in advance, you and the rest of your community can enjoy a color-changing Christmas lights show at the top of the hour, at the end of the day, or whenever you wish.

    Start a New Holiday Tradition With Color Changing LED Christmas Lights

    Make the most wonderful time of the year even better and brighter with Christmas landscape lighting from Haven. Contact us to learn more about our fully customizable Haven 9 Series Pro system.

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