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    The Jackson Policy

    Let’s start with respect.  We demand respect from all of our business partners and they deserve the same respect from us.

    If a partner of Haven Lighting disrespects us in the form of unethical business practices Haven Lighting will cease doing business with said partner immediately.

    Similarly, if a partner of Haven Lighting poaches a Haven Lighting employee, Haven Lighting will cease doing business with said partner.

    Also, Haven Lighting will not support said partner moving forward in any manner.

    Ending said relationship is always in the best interest of Haven Lighting.

    Redemption is something Haven Lighting will be highly focused on the form of success in the marketplace

    Victory is our ultimate redemption.

    In such instances, nothing focuses and promotes our internal drive more.

    Notwithstanding unethical practices, we will stop at nothing to achieve our ultimate goal.

    Going forward, we understand we will learn from said instances and be a better company for it.

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