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    Zoning Your 9 Series Landscape Lights

    It’s your child’s birthday, you arrive home after baseball, the house is lit up in her favorite colors. Not just white lights on the house but pink, blue, and purple. Her excitement is icing on a cake and a wonderful distraction from the average extremely busy day. These joyful moments last a lifetime and we can always use more. Everyone wants joy in their life, even on a schedule!

    We developed zoning to allow customers the ability to have Christmas lights on their house with the touch of a button. The countless hours stringing lights, the dreadful weeks knowing it was coming and my wife’s daily suggestions that “today would be a great day to string the lights,” not to mention removing them when it was all over. All of that ended. My memory today, the kids eyes lit up as they view the red, white and green on the house, my wife pleased and that joyful, stressless, accomplished moment is the true reason zoning was developed. It is also a moment I realized how busy I am, and how much joy I want for my family as a busy business owner.

    Even on St. Patrick’s Day, I don’t wake up like my children excited to wear a green shirt, I’m thinking about my business and how I can improve it; how I can make it easier for my partners while pleasing our end consumer. However, as I walk out of the house in the early morning hours, the house reminds everyone today calls for celebration and I am reminded of my children’s faces and excited for when they see it. On our anniversary, the house is red and it’s an excellent reminder that it calls for my attention to be home early to celebrate our union.

    Holidays are just one of the many reasons we developed zoning. Memorial Day is one of the best, we honor, celebrate and appreciate the lives of those fallen to protect this amazing country ... and the house is lit up red, white and blue. The possibilities are endless and for convenience you can make it happen every year automatically.

    Everyday Life
    Zoning is practical every day and every home and family is different. Some homes have the master bedroom on the first floor where a landscape light would be placed and may disturb sleep. Zoning enables you to assign specific lights to turn on and go off at a different time than the rest of your lights. This is also important for security. You may setup specific lights to ensure just entryways are lit to deter intruders. A safety aspect includes lighting up pathways when neighbors come over to ensure they can see to step safely. Let’s not forget entertaining, our full color lighting makes every party more lively. The outdoor activities and practical everyday life capabilities are endless. Spring is the beginning of outdoor entertaining, are you ready?

    Using Zoning
    Ideas for zoning include;

    Be Bold Make Zones Different Colors

    • Support your favorite NFL, NBA, NCAA team or your alma mater and make your house their colors.

    • Turn your house your child’s school colors for sporting events.

    • Make your backyard festive while entertaining.

    • Don’t string Christmas lights, just zone it to the colors you prefer.

    Be Secure

    • Light your entire house from dusk until bedtime, then only light entryways

    • Set path lights to come on when visitors come so they can step safely.

    • Light the area around the pool.

    Be Subtle

    • Set certain lights to turn off, while the remainder stay on for energy savings and security.

    • Light up your flag or a specific statue in the garden differently than the rest of the house.

    • After the Holidays, set your lights to automatically turn white and be the envy of the neighborhood.

    • Make certain landscape lights brighter than others so you can navigate your yard safely and carefully.

    What is a zone?
    Haven Home Lighting is a technology based lighting system that operates as one system no matter how many controllers or transformers are used on your project. This technology enables you to control the lighting around your home by establishing zones. A “zone” refers to a light fixture or group of light fixtures that are “hardwired together” and can be controlled by a switch or the Haven Smartphone App. Each zone, once setup, can do a variety of different things, the possibilities are in your imagination.

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