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    Haven Home Lighting Under Cabinet Lights offer simple-to-install wiring system. Traditionally, lights are installed near the wall, but with our Under Cabinet Lighting System they can be mounted away from the wall, without the unsightliness of exposed Romex wire. Our small, low voltage wire can be cut to any length and features easy push lock wiring connectors. The wire is customizable to fit exact measurements during installation, thereby allowing lights to mounted where they are most useful (and hidden).

    Connecting The Wire To The Light Is Easy

    With the Haven under cabinet light push lock connectors, using the exact right length of wire couldn't be easier. Watch the video to see how simple and fast it is to wire these lights. Make a mistake? Not to worry – removing the secure wire is just as easy. Just twist and pull.

    The Problem With Fixed Length Wiring Systems

    Many competitors offer fixed length wiring systems. These systems typically have some sort of connector on the end of the wire which makes connecting the light to the power source easy. However, the drawback of this solution is quite substantial. The manufacturer of the lights have no idea how much wire you need to get or where you need it to go. So they guess. And, they are always wrong. This means you either have more wire than you need, which requires you to try to ball it up and hide it somewhere, or worse - you don't have enough wire, in which case you are not able to put the light where you want or need it.

    The Issue With Traditional Under Cabinet Lights

    Traditional under cabinet lights run on 120V, which requires thick and bulky Romex wire to be used. Romex wire is designed for in-wall use and therefore is not designed to be seen. It is unsightly underneath cabinets when it is exposed. As a result, lights are typically mounted all the way towards the back of the cabinet (near backsplashes) so no one can see the wire as it comes out from the wall. In some applications this is perfectly fine. However, in most applications the light mounted toward the front of the cabinet is a much better option.

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