Which WiFi Landscape Lighting System is Right for You?

Innovative, Smart Home Landscape Lighting

Our focus on developing high quality, innovative smart home lighting has allowed us to offer distinct features you can’t find anywhere else. Wireless landscape lighting from Haven Lighting offers:

Full Brightness and Temperature Control

Whether you want to illuminate your walkways in bright white light or you simply want to accent your home’s architectural features in a softer shade, you can adjust both brightness and temperature with the touch of a button.

Smart Phone App

Manage your WiFi enabled landscape lighting from anywhere! Whether you want to adjust the brightness or add festive color to holiday celebrations, complete control is at your fingertips.

Elegant, Durable Finishes

Haven Lighting understands that your landscape lighting should not only look great, it should last. Our elegant brass or aluminum finishes are the perfect accent to any landscape and will stand up to the elements, as well!

Simple Home Automation

You’ve spent time automating the inside of your home, and now you can focus on the outside. We designed our smart home landscape lighting to be customized without the hassle of confusing timers or unreliable light sensors. Our easy-to-use app is all you need to manage and control your WiFi landscape lighting.

Which Landscape Lighting System is Right for You?

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