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  • 9 Series Pro Classic White LED Feature Light


      This LED feature light combines aesthetics and performance making it perfect for your landscape and building. Its low-profile and wide-casting light works well to accent dormer windows, statues, small trees, rock walls, or bushes. The strikingly low-profile design blends easily with your lawn features and hardscapes, while the custom optics distribute superior brightness. This feature light seamlessly blends style, performance and technology exclusive to Haven Lighting.

      • Low-profile Design

      • Powder-coated Aluminum Finish

      • Weatherproof

      • Dimmable

      • Smartphone Control

      • Haven Lighting anti-moisture connectors (Included)

      • Vertical tilt up to 270°

      • Can be used as an Up Light or Down Light

      • 45° Lens Angle

      Voltage 12V AC or 12V DC
      Wattage 3W
      Max Voltage 15V AC or 15V DC
      Brightness 10 Levels
      Classic White Color Temperature 8 Temperatures (2700K-5000K)
      Transformer 9 Series required (sold separately)

    • IN THE BOX
      1 x 9 Series Pro Classic White LED Feature Light
      2 x Stakes
      2 x Nuts
      2 x Waterproof Wire Nuts
      3 ft. of Wire (not shown)

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