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  • Semi-Flexible Cuttable LED Strip

    • Designed to be hidden, this Semi-Flexible Cuttable LED Strip is possibly the most versatile product in the Haven Lighting range. Each strip is cuttable roughly every 2 inches, allowing it to fit practically anywhere. Perfect for the inside or underside of cabinetry or anywhere you want the light to be seen, but not the fixture. Daisy chain up to 250 inches at once with our Classic White Duo Controller. (See Power Information for more details.)

      Voltage 24V DC
      Current 600mA
      Power 15W
      Length 19 5/8 in
      Width 3/8 in
      Maximum current wired in series 1.8A
      Fuse Style Auto Reset

      Classic White Controllers Inches of Semi-Flexible LED Strip
      Mini 100 inches
      About 5 Strips
      Duo 250 inches (125 inches per channel)
      About 12 ½ strips (6 ¼ strips per channel)
    • IN THE BOX
      1 x 2700K White Semi-Flexible Cuttable LED Strip
      1 x Header Pin Connector

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